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One Note 2007 vs. 64-bit operating systems

Computing Services has not tested or addressed any issues with OneNote and the latest operating system Windows 7. However, just like previous 64-bit operating systems One Note virtual printing support is limited. Therefore, I would suggest attempting the same solution/work around that was utilized for the Vista 64-bit vs. OneNote issue

Below is a link that resolved the issue for some:

Also, below are instructions that over in the DVM class have followed to address the One Note and 64-bit issues:

For the 64-bit users:
Credit should go to Brett Barabash at the mibuso.com forums for designing the clean PDFCreator installation method and the anonymous author of the printing to OneNote workaround posted on blogger.com.

Step-By-Step Guide to Installing PDFCreator:

    1) Download the PDFCreator executable from \\pluto.vetmed.illinois.edu\Utilities\PDFcreator (if prompted to authenticate use cvm-ad\netid and cvm-ad password)
    2) Double-click and run 'PDFCreator-0_9_8_setup.exe'
    3) If you are prompted with warnings (asking if you're sure you want to run this/if you trust it/etc), continue through them
    4) PDFCreator will be automatically installed to your system
    5) If you don't want the PDFCreator toolbar and other settings changed on your web browser Uncheck the toolbar and deselect this option during installation (see images below)

    6) In a separate window/tab, open http://onenoteprintdriver.blogspot.com/ or view attached .pdf file
    7) Skip past the initial section telling you to download/install PDFCreator
    8) Beginning at the sentence "After installing PDFcreator you will have a new printer in your Printers folder (PDFcreator)", follow along the step-by-step process (make sure to not skip steps/speed through the process; take the time to make sure everything is set up correctly in order to avoid headaches later)

Final Notes:
- I do recommend changing the PDFCreator printer's name in order to make things much simpler/less confusing
- When you try to test print the first time to OneNote, it may not work/and error may come up. This is normal. Exit out of PDFCreator and open it again. It should work correctly now.
- When printing from a pdf to OneNote, make sure that the 'Auto-Rotate and Center' option is NOT checked. If this is checked, the slides will be sideways in OneNote

Thank you,
Candice Solomon-Strutz

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