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Printing FAQs

How Much Does Printing Costs?

    Black and White printing costs $0.10 per page. Therefore if you print duplex (on both sides) you will be charged for both sides.

Where are the CVM public printers located?

    2281 VMBSB computer lab and 217 LAC computer lab

What password do I use to release my print jobs?

    Use your NetID along with either your CVM-AD or campus UIUC password (whatever you used to logon to the computer) to release or delete print jobs. If you need to reset your CVM-AD password bring a photo id to Room 2938 VMBSB and we can assist.

How can I view my printing balance?

What equipment and services does the money collected for printing support?

    The printing costs covers paper, printing supplies, printer maintenance, repair and replacement.

Is color printing available?

    Currently, there are only high-speed black and white laser printers available. If you need color printing, the Design Group (designgroup@vetmed.illinois.edu) can provide assistance for a small fee.

How Do I Release a Print Job in the Computer Lab?

1. Send your print job from the computer to the printer. Now visit the print release station located beside the printer. You will see the active window below:
Pcounter ScreenShot: Pcounter ScreenShotPcounter ScreenShot: Pcounter ScreenShot

2. Highlight your username and select Print Jobs. If you do not yet see your username select Refresh. The username list will refresh every twenty seconds.

3. You will be prompted to enter your CVM-AD password to print or cancel the print job.

4. Once the password has been supplied you can choose your print job from the queue and select Print icon. If you have decided not to print that particular job you may select the Delete icon

Pcounter ScreenShot: Pcounter ScreenShotPcounter ScreenShot: Pcounter ScreenShot

or see attached word document about How to Release a Print Job

HowtoReleasePrintJob.doc147.5 KB