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Printing FAQs

How Much Does Printing Costs?

    Black and White printing costs $0.10 per page. Therefore if you print duplex (on both sides) you will be charged for both sides.

Where are the CVM public printers located?

    2281 VMBSB computer lab

What password do I use to release my print jobs?

    Use your NetID and password to release or delete print jobs.

    How can I view my printing balance?

      Use the following URL and logon with your NetID and password to check your printing balance at your Printing Account Page.

      What equipment and services does the money collected for printing support?

        The printing costs covers paper, printing supplies, printer maintenance, repair and replacement.

      Is color printing available?

        Currently, there are only high-speed black and white laser printers available. If you need color printing, the Design Group (designgroup@vetmed.illinois.edu) can provide assistance for a small fee.

      How Do I Release a Print Job in the Computer Lab?

      Printing from a Campus/lab Computer
      You can print directly to a printer from a lab machine, giving you more options for setting up your print job.

      1. Choose the printer
      2. Send the print job
      3. Go to the Print Release Station and select your print job
      4. Type in your NetID password
      5. Select Release

      Printing from your Personal Computer
      PaperCut allows you to print from any device connected to IllinoisNet or lab machines.
      1. Log in to the PaperCut Web App: https://papercut.ics.illinois.edu
      2. Click on Web Print on the left panel
      3. Select Submit a Job »
      4. Choose the printer
      5. Select Print Options and Account Selection »
      6. Type how many copies you want to make by "Copies:"
      7. Select Upload Documents »
      8. Select Upload from computer and select your files
      9. Select Upload & Complete »
      10. Go to the Print Release Station and select your print job
      11. Type in your NetID password
      12. Select Release

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