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Banner Web Client Version Too Old

The following was reported by AITS Help Desk on July 8th...

As a result of server upgrades on July 8, returning users may receive this error upon entering the Banner forms:

FRM-92160 - WEB Client Version Too Old

Follow this procedure to permanently clear this one-time error:

    1. Exit your browser
    2. Start => Control Panel
    3. Open the Jinitiator console

    If you do not see the Jinitiator console then you need to hit the Switch to Classic View button in the left panel to see all the icons in the Control Panel. If you do not click this button the Control Panel is in Category View and it will be very difficult to navigate to the Java control panel.

    4. Click the Cache tab
    5. Click button to Clear the Jar Cache
    6. Restart your web browser and try logging again