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CVM Network Upgrade Status

A little over ¼ of the complex is still in need of a high speed network upgrade. This area is SAC and the 2nd and 3rd floors of VMBSB, east of the atrium.

The green indicates areas served by high speed Cat 6 networking.
The red indicates areas served by lower speed Cat 3 networking.

CITES has initiated the Campus Network Upgrade project. It is a five-year initiative to produce a network that has improved reliability, increased security, and the ability to grow to meet the changing needs of the campus community. Information and latest status can be found on the CIO's website at www.cio.uiuc.edu .

Following is a revised set of dates for SAC upgrade to Cat 6 networking. These are best guesses without actually having the drawings submitted to Mike Weis, the F&S JOCS project coordinator and obtaining his input. These estimates (guesses) are based on previous buildings.

Review of Plant Engineering drawings for Vet Med VTH/SAC- 9/27/2005

Finalized drawings for VTH/SAC - Sept29, 2005

Your submittals for possible work schedules and special procedures in pathology, OR, IC, and clinic areas - Oct 11, 2005

Design review and walkthrough with T.A. Brinkoetter, JOCS contractor. - Oct 17-21, 2005

Contract issued for project to T.A. Brinkoetter - Oct 28, 2005

Construction start - Nov 11, 2005

Construction finish (Accounting for Holiday disruption included.)- Feb 24, 2005

Compliance and Inspection Complete - Mar 3, 2006

CIMS start of CAT 6 wiring.

(Note: For internal F&S construction CIMS can follow electricians. For JOCS construction, CIMS needs to wait until compliance inspections are complete.) -Mar 6, 2006

CIMS finish of CAT 6 wiring and fiber. - Mar 31, 2006

Installation of Switch Equipment and testing complete - Apr 10, 2006

Cutover - Apr 14, 2006

The above depends on a number of factors, notably that the JOCS contractors can perform the work without undue constraints. We know that there will be constraints and are prepared to
Make some allowances and work the contractors outside clinic hours. It may be possible to also allow CIMS to start earlier mirroring F&S internal construction practice where both CIMS and electrical crews are working simultaneously. Finally, cutover is dependent upon your providing the required data to the NDO to patch the active jacks and also move all of your users over to the new CAT 6 system.

Dates will be updated as additional information is obtained.

Links to information about the Network Upgrade project from the CIO's website:

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