VADDS and Vetstar Update for Mobile or Off-Site Computers

To install the July 2012 Vetstar and VADDS upgrade on your mobile or off-site computer, please use the following steps:

1. Ensure Windows User Account Control (UAC) is turned off (Windows Vista/7 only):
1a. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings
1b. Turn the slider all the way to the bottom and then click "OK" (may require a computer restart)

2. Download and save the installation files by clicking here.
3. Copy the folder "VSinstall" from this .zip file to your desktop (Windows XP may require you to "Extract" instead of copy)
4. Open the "VSinstall folder"
5. Double-click the file named "install.cmd" (may be listed as "install" depending on your computer settings"
6. A black window will appear as the update is installed; this process takes approximately 5-7 minutes. You may be prompted to click "OK" or "Open" during the installation process
7. Once the black window disappears, the installation is complete.
8. You will have a new shortcut labeled "Vetstar and VADDS" on your desktop, and the icon will be a red star with a light blue background. Please delete any other shortcuts you may have for Vetstar/VADDS

If you encounter any problems with installing the upgrade, please contact Computing Services at or 217-333-1533.