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Remote Access to Vetstar and PACS

Please use the instructions below to configure and to connect to Vetstar and PACS from a personal laptop/desktop. Note: If you previously logged into Dino via a VPN connetion, you many continue to do so. Ensure you are connected to the internet. If you are on campus, you can connect to IllinoisNet.

IllinoisNet Wireless Connection Instructions: Illinois Net Wireless Configuration

Windows Instructions

Download and save the Dino for Windows.rdp file below to your Desktop or another convenient location. Navigate to where you saved the file, and launch it.

1. A box will appear asking if you are sure you want to connect. Check the Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer box
2. Select Connect
3. When propmpted to enter your credentials type uofi\NetID and your NetID password (campus email password)
Note: you must use the backslash when typing uofi\
4. Select Remember my credentials
5. Select OK
6. A final box will show up asking to confirm the certificate. Check the Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer box and select Yes
7. You are now on the Dino desktop and can access Vetstar or PACS from the shortcuts

Apple Instructions

Download and install the LATEST Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-remote-desktop/id715768417

Note: If you do not have an Apple ID established please follow select Create Apple ID and follow the instructions.

  1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop. It can be found in Launchpad or in Applications > Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  2. Under the General Tab, enter the following information:
    • Connection name: Dino
    • PC name: dino.vetmed.illinois.edu
      • User name:  uofi\NetID
      • Password: Enter your NetID password (campus email password)
      • Resolution: Native
      • Colors: True Color (24bit)
      • Full screen mode: OS X native
      • Check the boxes: Start session in full screen and Use all monitors
    • Click the Gateway drop down, select the + sign in the bottom left corner and select Add gateway and fill in the following information:
      • Gateway name: Illinois Gateway
      • Server: rdpgateway.illinois.edu
      • User name:  uofi\NetID
      • Password: Enter your NetID password (campus email password)
  3. Close the gateway window, and ensure that “Illinois Gateway” is selected from the Gateway drop-down menu in the configuration window. If it is, close the remote desktop configuration window.
  4. Dino will be listed under My Desktops
  5. Double click on Dino in Microsoft Remote Desktop to launch the Dino desktop for access to  Vetstar or PACS from the shortcuts

If you have any questions about connecting to this service, or experience problems while using it, please contact Computing Services via email at net@vetmed.illinois.edu.

Printable Instructions are attached below.

Dino for Windows.rdp2.41 KB
Remote Access to Vetstar and PACS-Windows&MAC.pdf158.8 KB