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Alternative Access to Virtual Microscopy

There is an alternative method to accessing Histology virtual microscopy aside from visiting slidehosting.com. You can download Image Scope Viewer and then access the individual slides from the cvm-ad file servers. Read below for details.

Download Aperio’s FREE ImageScope Viewer

Visit http://www.aperio.com/software/ImageScopeInstaller.exe to download and install the viewer. This free viewer allows you to zoom in and annotate on existing images (similar features as the virtual microscopy website). ImageScope is a Windows-based application that requires Parallels™ Desktop or VMware Fusion to open images locally on a Mac. In turn, Macintosh users should continue to utilize the web slidehosting.com website to access the Histology Slides.

Access Individual Histology Lab Slides stored on CVM-AD File Servers

    1. Connect a secure Internet connection. If on campus choose Illinoisnet. If off campus logon to the CITES VPN client http://www.cites.illinois.edu/vpn/

    2. Click on the Start menu and select Run. In the Run box, type \\astro.vetmed.illinois.edu\histoarchive
    If you do not see the Run command, you can also access the Run command by pressing the Windows logo key +R.

    3. You are then prompted to input your CVM-AD username and CVM-AD password. Enter your username as CVM-AD\NetID and the appropriate password. Please contact Computing Services if you are unfamiliar with this password.

    4. Click the OK button and browse to the VM602 course folder and download the desired .svs images. ScanScope Virtual Slides (*.svs) can be opened with the free Aperio ImageScope Viewer.

Finally, due to the magnification and higher resolution the majority of these images are fairly large (average size 1.5GB) so I would not recommend downloading the individual images to your hard drive but you can capture the annotation (.xml) files. Lab 4 content is already available!

Thank you,
Candice Solomon-Strutz