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General OneNote pen use and operations

The Home tab contains all things needed for text formatting, searching, and general formatting.

The insert tab is where objects such as attachments or tables can be entered. This is very similar to the excel and word 2007 format of the insert section; the major difference being the option to record audio and video.
After pressing either buttons, a new tab will be added after the “view” tab, this tab reads “Audio & Video Playback”. Also, a file will be imbedded into your OneNote file and either audio or video will commence immediately. As shown below…

Once the “Audio& Video Playback” button is pressed, several options appear for controlling your clips.

The share tab is a new tab to the Microsoft Office lineup; giving another email option and the ability to “share” your work. Unfortunately it appears that this function is not yet available by Microsoft yet.

Draw is another tab that is new to OneNote. You may choose the color of your pen and thickness from this area, besides that there are: Eraser, which erases your selected work. Lasso Select, which will highlight your work for you, and finally the option to add various shapes to your notebook.
- A tip with the Lasso Select. I find it easiest to click in the top left corner of what you which to select, and then drag the bar down vertically until you reach the bottom of your work. From here drag the lasso to the bottom right hand corner, then the top right hand corner of your work. Essentially you are just creating a box around the work, but at first it looks a little fishy.

Review tab has Spell check, where you would setup writing in other languages, and where to link to other notes in your OneNote area.
-To link to other notes, first press the “Linked Notes” Button. From here you will need to navigate to the notes you wish to link to and press “Ok”.

Finally the View tab contains everything about how OneNote is to appear on your computer. Such options as Full Screen, Dock to desktop, magnify, and Keep on Top.

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