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Vestar Upgrade Complete - Sunday, July 11th

[This message was sent to all VTH 4th year students, faculty and staff via blind copy]

The Vetstar upgrade is complete.

The Vetstar client on computers must be updated. Clinic computers will automatically be updated when they are restarted. Please wait until the update is complete - it may take at least 10 minutes.

Personal computers must be updated manually; please visit the following web site for installation file downloads and instructions:

If you use a public machine and see an error when writing or viewing reports, its client has not been updated. Please restart that machine to automatically install the client.

If you have trouble please contact vetstar-help@vetmed.illinois.edu.

Important notes:

* PINS: The first time you access Vetstar after the upgrade, you will be prompted to reset your PIN. You will not need to enter anything into the "Old PIN" field (leave it blank). You may re-enter the PIN that you have been using.

* The Finalize button in the editor has been moved to the right side of the screen as a Green circle with a check in the middle.

I will post more information today on the Vetstar help web site:

I will also host a brownbag session on the new features, and any other Vetstar questions you have, next week:
When: Tuesday, July 13 at noon
Where: 245 SAC

If you have any problems or questions please contact vetstar-help@vetmed.illinois.edu

Diane Lynn
Computing Services
208 LAC