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Vetstar and Vadds upgrade Sunday, July 11th

[This message was sent to all VTH students, faculty and staff via blind copy.]

Vetstar will be upgraded this Sunday, July 11.

Vetstar will NOT be available for use from 2 AM until around 10 AM Sunday July 11. An email will be sent out as soon as Vetstar is available.

Please note the following details:

* AFTER the upgrade is complete, the Vetstar client must be updated on computers.
Clinic computers will automatically be updated when they are restarted. Please wait until the update is complete – it may take at least 10 minutes. Personal computers must be updated manually; please refer to this web site for installation downloads and instructions:
http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vetstar/client.htm [^]


* The first time you access Vetstar after the upgrade, you will be prompted to reset your PIN. You will not need to enter an initial PIN (leave that field blank). You can re-enter the PIN that you have been using.

New features will be available, such as:
* the ability to finalize reports under someone else’s login
* print formatted reports while in the editor.

Details on the new features of Vetstar will be posted to the following website after the upgrade is complete:
http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vetstar/ [^]

I will host a Brown-Bag session on the new features and any other Vetstar questions you have next week:
When: Tuesday, July 13 at noon
Where: 245 SAC

Diane Lynn
Computing Services
208 LAC

Just to remind you that VADDS (and VETSTAR) will be upgraded this coming weekend as scheduled.

VADDS (and VETSTAR) will not be available to users until mid-to-late-morning Sunday July 11th.

I will send out an email on Sunday indicating that VADDS is available.

AFTER the upgrade is performed and VADDS is available, a computer reboot will be required. The reboot process will take at least 10 minutes. This is to automatically-install the new VADDS (and VETSTAR) access software.

Users of Home & ZooPath computers will have to install the new VADDS access software manually (they will not require a reboot). See http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vadds/ for installation instructions and the new software. Please plan accordingly.

Remember that there will be several changes. Consult website: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vadds/

section Local VADDS - VADDS User Upgrade Notes for Summer 2010 for an outline of the most significant ones.

Some of the new features of VADDS will have to be built after the upgrade and will not be available until later-in-the-day on Sunday 7/11 or even Monday 7/12.

Please let me know if you have any questions.