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Audiovisual Updates for Fall 2009

Computing Services has tested and put in working order all the audiovisual systems in our classrooms, conference rooms and rounds rooms. If you would like to receive a training session on the AV operation in any room, please email net@vetmed.illinois.edu or call 333-1533 and we will schedule a time to meet with you.

During normal use of these rooms, maintenance will be needed to replace consumable items such as bulbs, batteries or failed equipment. If you should be the unlucky person to experience a failure, please call 333-1533 or email net@vetmed.illinois.edu. Our goal is to resolve problems in a live classroom within 15 minutes.

Classroom improvements for the fall semester include a new ceiling-mounted specimen camera for the laboratory classroom in 2743 Basic Sciences. Also, lecture capture technology has been installed in curriculum classrooms 2258 BSB, 2251 BSB, 100 LAC and 80 SAC. Room 2271C BSB will be completed before the end of October. Lectures are recorded by consent of the instructor: though the system is installed, it will not be used without your permission. If you would like to find out more information about recording your lecture, please contact Computing Services.

New videoconferencing equipment was installed in room 180B SAC. This will increase our collaboration abilities with our Chicago Center as well as the Chicago-area zoos and aquariums. We’ve also installed a computer-based videoconferencing station right outside the door of 180, integrated to the widescreen LCD monitor currently used for imaging. This station is pre-programmed to call our Chicago office and we anticipate clinicians using it for brief consultations with the Chicago Center. Computing Services also has portable videoconferencing equipment if you need to collaborate in a space which is not currently equipped.

A 55” LCD monitor was installed in room G4 LAC, and will assist with rounds and teaching by allowing groups of students a larger, detailed view of the PACS images. The newly constructed Clinical Skills Laboratory will also feature two large LCD monitors connected to PC stations.