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Trouble Connecting to the Wireless - Update Intel WiFi Drivers

Greetings All,

Having Trouble Staying Connected to the Wireless Network?

Computing Services is suggesting (as a matter of good practice) that users upgrade to the latest wireless card drivers, particularly Intel wireless card users. We further suggest that you set the "power save feature" to off (wireless card always awake). These settings are generally found in your wireless client software. We have found following these procedures make for a better user experience. If you need help with these updates or settings please contact our Help Desk Room 2938 VMBSB.

Background Information:
Since the CITES last Meru wireless access point firmware upgrade on Jan 6th multiple wireless users have reported constant disconnections and then the wireless card becoming unresponsive. This issue has plagued the entire campus and the majority of users have simply been restarting their device instead of upgrading the wireless card drivers to address this issue. The wireless card that has been causing the most trouble is the Intel 3945 and 4965 models.

Although your manufacturer probably has release driver updates, I recommend going directly to Intel’s website for driver updates for their equipment. Both Intel 3945 and Intel 4965 WiFi cards had recent drivers release in January 2009:

Also, there are attached tweaks that you can perform to the WLAN card properties.

Candice Solomon-Strutz
Senior Coordinator of PC Support
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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