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Vetstar and Vadds Upgrade - Computer Restart Required

We will be implementing a major upgrade to Vetstar and VADDS in this Sunday, January 25th so that will permit us to add some significant new functions to the system, including e-signatures, (electronic signatures) for documentation purposes of our electronic medical records (Client communications, RXs, SOAPS notes, etc).

As a first step in this process we need all computers that connect to Vetstar and VADDS to load a new client program. If you have not recently done so, please take a moment to reboot (restart) your computer and permit the new Vetstar and or VADDS Client to load. It should only take a moment. If you are unsure whether or not he new client has be loaded, restarting your computer again will not hurt.

If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact Computing Services net@vetmed.illinois.edu.