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Meeting Maker to Exchange Migration Complete

Greetings All,

The Meeting Maker to Exchange conversion is complete. Please remember to use Outlook or the OWA (http://exchange.cites.uiuc.edu) to view and edit your calendar and resource calendars.

The Meeting Maker calendar will be online tomorrow if you feel the need to logon and check for data accuracy. However, do NOT schedule appointments in Meeting Maker. Again, any scheduling changes made in Meeting Maker after 5PM on Thursday, Dec 11th will NOT be migrated to your Exchange calendar.

Also, you will have to add your own shared calendars. For more detailed information regarding how to add a shared resource calendar visit: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/net/?q=exchange_shared_calendars There are also some useful Exchange FAQs available online at: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/net/?q=forum/22
Please report any difficulty to Computing Services at net@vetmed.illinois.edu and we will email, call or stop by to provide assistance to ensure you can access your calendar resources.

Candice Solomon-Strutz
Senior Coordinator of PC Support
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign