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How to Compress Pictures in Office 2003

Picture Compression in Office 2003

You can now compress pictures in Word, PowerPoint and Excel to reduce the file size of document, presentation or spreadsheet containing the images. The Compress Pictures command will enable you to:

* Reduce image resolution (to 96 dpi for the Web and 200 dpi for print), discarding unnecessary information.
* Remove extra information from an image that has been cropped.
* Resample an image that has been resized, so that the image's pixel size matches its display size.

To compress a picture:

    1. Select the picture you wish to compress.
    2. Ensure the Pictures toolbar is displayed (View | Toolbars | Pictures)Compress Pictures
    3. Click on the Compress Pictures button to display the Compress Pictures dialog box.

    4. Select the compression options you require, then click on the OK button.

Compress Pictures dialog box