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Web Browser quits unexpectedly after I log into the Banner Administrative Forms

After I enter my Enterprise ID and password to log into the Banner Administrative Forms, my web browser quits unexpectedly. Sometimes I see a 'jvm.dll' error message. How can I resolve this?

There are several possible causes:

    1. Browser Popup Blockers – Check for popup blockers, toolbars, or other suspicious browser add-ons. Some examples include:

    Windows XP Popup Blocker
    Windows Live Toolbar (do not install additional software during install process)
    Yahoo Tool Bar
    Google Tool Bar
    Ad-Aware Professional

    These software installations are removed via Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Add/Remove Programs.

    2. Windows Vista – Windows Vista is not currently supported for use with Oracle Jinitiator. As a workaround some Vista users have reported success using Firefox 2.0 instead of Internet Explorer. For full support, you should use a computer that meets the system requirements.

    3. Disable Phishing Filter in internet Explorer 7. Go to Tools>>Internet Options>>Advanced Tab and scroll down to Security. Now select Disable Phishing Filter and click Ok.

    4. Faulty Oracle Jinitiator Installation – Follow these instructions for testing your Jinitiator installation. If these tests work, then it is very likely you have Jinitiator installed correctly and your problem lies elsewhere.

    On occasion, installations of the Oracle Jinitiator have been found faulty. Symptomatically, this is seen when users are not able to launch the Oracle Jinitiator Console from Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Jinitiator Users experiencing problems should uninstall Jinitiator from Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Add/Remove Programs and re-install at next Banner Login.

    Remember installation and uninstallation of programs requires users to have Administrator rights to their workstation.

    Review our instructions for installing Jinitiator if you need to reinstall.