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iClicker Reservation Policy

[This message sent to all CVM faculty via blind copy.]

CVM Faculty and Instructors,

I am happy to announce the iClickers are a huge success thus far. They have been used in six different courses thus far. This success has created some scheduling challenges for us. In order to make the iClickers available as much as possible, we have created some guidelines for their use. I ask for your cooperation with these guidelines.

iClickers are reserved on a first come first served basis. Please email your reservations to net@vetmed.illinois.edu. If the iClickers are already reserved, you will receive an email message indicating that the equipment is already in use for the desired time slot.

Computing Services will deliver the iClickers to your classroom immediately before class starts and pick them up immediately after. This will allow us to move them when they are scheduled back to back and accommodate last minute scheduling.

If you use them outside the regular business day (7:30 AM to 5:30 PM) we will instruct you on where you can drop them off. Please do not take them to your office as was previously recommended. This way we can retrieve them and make them available for early morning classes.

If they are needed on a weekend for review sessions, we can make arrangements for you to pick them up on Friday afternoon and then store them in the designated area after the review session.

The iClickers have been used in all the major lecture halls (2251, 2258, 100 LAC) successfully. To alleviate any worries, you can include the iClicker program on your own thumb drive or CD or other lecture media. We will supply this when you reserve them.

The iClickers at Vet Med are being used as anonymous input devices to introduce the technology to our instructors and students. Typically they are owned by the students and instructors own the base unit. This alleviates scheduling problems and allows for even more capabilities that are not available when they are used anonymously. To obtain a base unit and require the student to purchase an iClicker, you can include them in your textbook requisition process. The iClickers are treated as a textbook by bookstores.

iClickers are an audience response system similar to the system you may have seen on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". There are several brands of these devices, we chose the iClicker for it's simplicity and origins (developed at UIUC). To learn more about the iClicker audience response system, see http://www.iclicker.com/.

Craig Flowers
Vet Med Computing Services, Director