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80 SAC

Capacity: 56 Fixed Chairs; 13 Moveable Chairs; 4 Wheelchair Locations

Location: Basement of Small Animal Clinic

Contact: Veterinary Clinical Medicine Department Office 333-5310

Primary Use: Clinical seminars, elective classes, meetings, and secondary 3rd year classroom.

Secondary Use: Videoconferencing and lecture recording.

AV Equipment: Lecturers may choose between two side-by-side video images or one larger, centered image. Video and audio can be displayed from the installed desktop computer, a laptop, document camera, VCR, DVD player or a set of auxiliary inputs. A choice of beltpack or handheld microphones are available, along with four additional microphones for panel discussions. The AV and lighting systems are controlled by a touchscreen LCD.

Lecture recording is available in this room.

AV Support: Email net@vetmed.illinois.edu; or call 333-1533

Facilities Support: Email facilities@vetmed.illinois.edu or call 244-2347

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