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Lecture Recording Requests

If you interested in having your DVM Curriculum lectures recorded please send the following information to net@vetmed.illinois.edu:

  • Course rubric
  • Room
  • Date
  • Start time and End time
  • Author
  • Title to appear in iTunes U
  • Searchable keywords (optional)

If you want a whole course recorded, this information can be provided in a spreadsheet or other document.

Lecture Recording FAQs:
Why do you need all this information to record lectures? Can't you just look it up?
Although we have a general schedule of the curriculum, we do not have any information on the content of the lecture, who is speaking nor the schedule for the course.

What do I have to do to start the recording?
The recordings are set to start and stop automatically. For the typical 50 minute lecture, they will start on the hour and end at the :50 minute point of the hour. You do not have to do anything to start or stop the process. We can accommodate any specific start and stop times.

Do the students use these lectures?
The response from students have been very positive. This is a valuable tool in their education.

What information gets recorded:
This semester, we are recording the audio from the microphone and the video signal from the projector whether it is the computer, microscope or Elmo. We do not record an image of the speaker.

Are student questions recorded?
There are no microphones on the audience. If you want a question and answer period recorded, you will need to pass a microphone to the student asking a question.

How are the recordings processed and distributed?
a 10 second intro is added to each recording which includes an image of the College, the lecture title, the author and a copyright notice. The finished product resides on our College server space and indexed from iTunes U. Students gain access to the lectures by going to Illinois' iTunes U site using their NetID password. There they can navigate to any lecture for a course they are enrolled in.

Can I see a sample?
We will have a sample recording produced shortly.

Can I see my recordings?
Yes. The students in the course and all the faculty for the course can see the finished product through iTunes U.

Are the recordings guaranteed to work?
We recorded 90% of our target lectures last semester. The remaining lectures were lost due to technical problems. We have worked to eliminate those problems and I am optimistic we will achieve better success this semester.

Can I record a review session or other lecture I am giving outside of my regular course time?
Yes. Simply provide the information above so we know when to record and what title to give it.

What if I don't want to be recorded?
Recording is conducted only by consent of the faculty instructor. If you do not approve it, it will not be recorded.

How much did you record last semester?
We recorded the entire VM602 course lectures given to the first year DVM class.

Can I get a copy of the lecture for my course website?
The recording process is planned for recording a large amount of lectures (the whole curriculum) with the least amount on labor. We use automated tasks to make the process as efficient as possible. At this scale, it is not possible to manipulate recordings individually. The recordings are very large in size and our server is architected to deliver them to a wide audience. Storing the recordings in multiple places is inefficient use of resources and can result in poor viewing performance. That said, I will try to accommodate special requests.

What if I want to make a special recording at higher quality such that I can use it for a wider audience?
We have the tools to allow voice over recordings in an amateur studio setting that will produce a higher quality product. In addition, we can add an image of the speaker to the recording with picture-in-picture or cut from speaker to slides as necessary. These tasks are labor intensive and require extra people to be present. We can assist with these activities but have limited resources. If you have people that can help (graduate students, other instructors, students) we will help train them on these techniques to allow you the freedom to operate on your own.

I heard other places on Campus are recording lectures. Why are we spending our resources duplicating efforts?
There is no system on campus scaled to serve all the Colleges. Instead of reinventing the wheel we leveraged existing efforts and systems. Our recording system was built in partnership with the College of Education and CITES. We chose iTunes U so we could provide controlled access without having to write our own authentication system. The recording technology is an off-the-shelf product by Apple called Podcast Producer. Using this approach has allowed us to begin recording on a large scale at minimal expense.