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Computer Lab Reservations

* In which computer labs can I hold classes?
2281 VMBSB

* How do I reserve a computer lab to teach a class/seminar?
The Academic Affairs office reserves the 2281 computer lab.

* What should I do before the class meets?
Reserve the room and review the software installation policy. Then email net@vetmed.illinois.edu regardingnecessary software installation and using the projection system.

Software Installation Policy:

Computing Services will offer general use software applications. These applications will be paid for by Computing Services and will be supported at a basic level by the Computing Services staff. If a University of Illinois Academic Course needs a software application that is not on our list that department/college must provide the software, in appropriate numbers (all computers in the reserved classroom), to Computing Services for installation. Licenses must be turned over to Computing Services and may not be used by the department/college while Computing Services has that software application installed. Licenses will be returned to the department/college when the class is completed and the software has been removed from our computer labs and classrooms. This includes proprietary packages as well as shareware and demo software. We do not install timed demo software. Class software installed will remain on the machines during the Fall/Spring semesters. ALL class software is removed during the summer (unless needed by a class for the summer). A new request for software installations must be made every year.

If applications are needed by a small class sizes but will not be part of the supported list then Computing Services will work with the individual instructors to provide that application in a different smaller location. However, Computing Services will not buy software for individual classes.

All Software installations will take at least one week as the entire lab needs to be re-imaged. To make a request, please send email to net@vetmed.illinois.edu. Reminder, you will need to log in to the public computers with your NetID and campus (email) AD password.