Vet Med lectures on ITunes U

RECORDINGS ARE BY CONSENT OF INSTRUCTOR ONLY. If you want a course recorded, ask the instructor to contact Computing Services.

Viewing the lectures requires the use of iTunes.

Point your browser at
You will be asked for your NetID and UIUC AD password.

NOTE: This is not the same as your CVM AD password. It is the password used for Netfiles among other things.
If you don't know it, please go to the Password Change Page ( to reset it.

Once at Illinois' home on iTunes U, scroll down to the "Courses" section. (The other areas are intended for public outreach content.) Click on the choice for Veterinary Medicine and finally the selection for the specific DVM course.
The course material is accessible to only the specific course roster and the instructors of those courses.

The lectures will stream or you can download them and watch them whenever.
TIP: They will look best at their intended size. Right-click and choose "actual size" from the menu.

There is not a link to go directly to material for your specific course on iTunes U. You have to start at and navigate to the course material.

If you need assistance, please contact Computing Services using

THIS IS A NEW SERVICE FOR US. If you have suggestions on how to improve it, please contact Craig at If you like it, let me know.