iClicker Available for Instruction

iClicker Audience Response System Available for Instruction

As a means of introducing audience response technology to the College, Computing Services has acquired a set of iClicker available for use in any classroom on a first come first served basis.

iClicker is an audience response system similar to that seen on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". It can operate in anonymous mode or in a registered mode where you can track each individual student's answers. This system is easy, easy, easy to use. It operates with all computer presentation software. You don't need Powerpoint or iWork Keynote, you can literally type out a question on the fly and record an audience response for it.

Information about the iClicker can be found at http://www.iclicker.com/.

An article from Educause Quarterly including some best practices for use:

Here's an interesting web site from Columbia University Medical Center about using an audience response systems including tips for effective use:

If you want to use this in your class, please send a note to net@vetmed.illinois.edu. Although we can make this work on the fly, it would be preferable to have a day or so advance warning.

Craig Flowers
Vet Med Computing Services

Click Here for iClicker Reservation Policy

MS Online Published Calendar NO Longer Available, please add the Vet Med iClickers Exchange calendar to view updated schedule.

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