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Manual Configuration of Exchange Account in Entourage 2008

Microsoft Entourage 2008 Configuration Instructions

1. Launch Microsoft Entourage 2008.
2. Click on Tools from the Toolbar and select Accounts...

entourage01: Account settings screen shotentourage01: Account settings screen shot

3. Click on the Mail tab and click on the New button.
4. Select Exchange for Account type and click OK.

entourage02: Account type screen shotentourage02: Account type screen shot

* Enter an Account name of your choosing.
* Enter your name as you wish it to appear under Name.
* Enter your email address (e.g. NetID@ad.uiuc.edu).
* For Account ID enter your NetID.
* For Domain enter ad.uiuc.edu.
* Enter your Active Directory Password and check Save password...if you desire not to enter it each time you start Entourage.
* For Exchange server enter exchange.ad.uiuc.edu.
* Check the box next to This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL).

entourage03: Account settings screen shotentourage03: Account settings screen shot