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How to Set Delegate/Proxy in Outlook 2007

Complete the Instructions below in order to be added as a delegate/proxy to another Exchange user's calendar:

1. Within Outlook Go to Tools -> Options and select the Delegate tab
2. Select “Add” this with open up the Global Address List.
3. Type in last name, first name and this will bring up the user’s information, hit Add
4. Next the Delegate Permissions window will open. See image below:

Now the user will receive and email and have to authorize your access to her/his calendar and or tasks. Once this is approved then you will be able to open and edit their Exchange calendar.

How to Open the Calendar:
1. Click on the Calendar icon, navigate to Open a Shared Calendar link on go to File -> Open
2. Click on the Name and this will again bring up the GAL.
3. Type in last name, first name and select the desired person.

There are multiple other ways to share a calendar in Outlook but adding a member as a delegate will mimic the proxy settings in Meeting Maker. Creating and managing delegate access to your calendar is a useful and straightforward process. The feature offers significant benefits. Requiring just a few moments to set up, Outlook's delegate access feature can increase workgroup efficiency and reduce the number of headaches you may experience.

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