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Eudora CVM LDAP Setup

Eudora CVM LDAP Setup

This page explains how to configure Eudora to search an electronic directory of CVM personnel.

1. Open Eudora. Go to the Tools menu, and choose Directory Services. This will open the Directory Services window.

2. In the upper-right pane, highlight LDAP, and then click New Database. This will open the Modify Database window. Fill out the fields in this window as follows.

3. Click the Search Options tag, and copy and paste the following into the Search Base field: dc=cvm,dc=uiuc,dc=edu

4. Click the OK button. (This will close the Modify Database window.) In the lower-right pane of the Directory Services window, you will now see an option labeled CVM:

You can search the CVM directory by checking the box next to this option, and then entering the text you want to search for in the Query: box in the upper-left corner, as follows: