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Email Migration Information

In an effort to bring our College email and calendar solutions together and gain synergy between email and scheduling, the administrative units of the College and departments will be migrated to Microsoft Exchange services. We will use the Microsoft Outlook application to read/send email and schedule meetings.

The College currently uses CITES Express email services and our own Meetingmaker service. This will unify our email and scheduling offerings onto the CITES operated Exchange service and provide us with one desktop application to support, namely Outlook.

Computing Services has already begun moving admin offices over to the Outlook client. Again, the migration to the Outlook client generally takes an hour. The last 15 minutes is allotted time for a brief Outlook tutorial to go over basic features of the email desktop client. Our estimated completion date to have all the administrative office moved over to Outlook is May 1, 2008. Remaining Meeting Makers should be switched to the Outlook Web Interface by July 1, 2008.