Computer Labs


Hours, Equipment & Locations

    217 LAC*
    Open 24 hours - 16 PCs + 1 Instructor/Graphics Station.
    Classroom equipped with LCD projector system and SMART Board technology. 2 scanners available (1 flatbed and 1 drop scanner for documents to .pdf file conversion).

    2281 VMBSB*
    Open 24 hours - 33 PCs + 1 Instructor Station.
    Classroom equipped with LCD projector system.

    CVM Library
    Open during CVM Library Hours - 12 PCs including 1 Graphic Station. 1 drop scanner available. General access only. Cannot be reserved for classes.

    * This facility is used for Academic classes. All or part of the facility may be reserved and unavailable for public use at times during the day.

Available Software

    217 LAC
    CVM Library - 1257 VMBSB
    2281 VMBSB
    2431 VMBSB
    3422 VMBSB


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Classroom Schedules


Site Consulting - Candice Solomon-Strutz and members of the Computing Services Tech Crew are on hand to answer basic computing questions about software in the computer labs.

Printing - Currently, black and white printing costs $0.10 per page. Therefore if you print duplex (on both sides) you will be charged for both sides. Click here for more information about printing

o Click here for .pdf How to Print Double-Sided Instructions

Web Design and Graphic Stations - CVM Library and 217 LAC are equipped with web design/graphic stations. The station includes a flat bed or drop scanner and popular software such as, DreamWeaver, Adobe Acrobat Professional, MicroTek Scanning and ScanSnap software to assist with web design and publications.

o Click here for .pdf How to Create a DreamWeaver Site Instructions

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