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Business Objects w/ IE 7

Attached are Compatibility Instructions for Business Objects and Internet Explorer 7.

"Why isn't some email getting through"?

* Reverse DNS Lookups, or "Why isn't some email getting through"?

On July 24th CITES upgraded the campus email relays to sendmail 8.14 and implemented the following checks of inbound email:

require_rdns - requires that the remote server have a properly registered reverse DNS entry block_bad_ehlo - validates the name of the remote server badmx - prevents connections from remote servers with bad MX records

Banner Web Client Version Too Old

The following was reported by AITS Help Desk on July 8th...

As a result of server upgrades on July 8, returning users may receive this error upon entering the Banner forms:

FRM-92160 - WEB Client Version Too Old

Follow this procedure to permanently clear this one-time error:

    1. Exit your browser
    2. Start => Control Panel
    3. Open the Jinitiator console

CVM Listman


Computing Services has developed a secure web application called Listman to allow CVM personnel to view the members of CVM email distribution lists.

The URL is https://vetmed.illinois.edu/listman

There is also a link to Listman in the left pane of the Computing Services home page http://vetmed.illinois.edu/net

Test Blog Entry

I am testing out the blog submission page.

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