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Please report missing Vetstar icon or old client to net@vetmed.illinois.edu

Recently, there have been numerous reports of a missing Vetstar icon or inability for Vetstar reports to function properly due to an old Vetstar client being present. If either of these scenarios has occurred on a station that you use please report it to Computing Services at net@vetmed.illinois.edu or call 333-1533. Please include your name and the room location of the computer with trouble (if there are multiple computers present in the area be descriptive as possible).

Vestar Upgrade Complete - Sunday, July 11th

[This message was sent to all VTH 4th year students, faculty and staff via blind copy]

The Vetstar upgrade is complete.

The Vetstar client on computers must be updated. Clinic computers will automatically be updated when they are restarted. Please wait until the update is complete - it may take at least 10 minutes.

Personal computers must be updated manually; please visit the following web site for installation file downloads and instructions:

Vetstar and Vadds upgrade Sunday, July 11th

[This message was sent to all VTH students, faculty and staff via blind copy.]

Vetstar will be upgraded this Sunday, July 11.

Vetstar will NOT be available for use from 2 AM until around 10 AM Sunday July 11. An email will be sent out as soon as Vetstar is available.

Please note the following details:

* AFTER the upgrade is complete, the Vetstar client must be updated on computers.

IllinoisNet (formerly UIwpa2) now available

IllinoisNet: secured, authenticated wireless access

IllinoisNet (formerly UIwpa2) is a full-featured wireless network, with both authentication and security built into the wireless protocol itself. Once you've configured your computer to use IllinoisNet, you'll be able to log in automatically, with no add-on services like QuickConnect or the VPN necessary.

ATTENTION:UIwpa2 users will need to reconfigure for IllinoisNet

The UIwpa2 network name is being replaced with IllinoisNet during Spring 2010.

Wireless Internet Upgrade Schedule Jan 5th - 6th

[This message was emailed to all College faculty, staff and students via blind copy.]


The wireless Internet infrastructure in the Basic Sciences Building will be upgraded on Tuesday and Wednesday January 5-6.

The wireless signal will be turned off building-wide starting the morning of Tuesday, Jan 5.
Although you may see some signal appear as the antennas get replaced, there will be no support for wireless on those days.

Full wireless signal will be available again starting on Thursday, January 7.

Campus-wide Illinois Chat Service

[This message was sent via BCC to all Vet Med faculty, staff and students]

What is Illinois Chat?
Illinois Chat is the instant messaging (IM) service that allows faculty, staff, and students on the Urbana campus to chat within the safety and security of the University network.
Why should I use Illinois Chat?

    • It’s secured: Your instant messages are encrypted from end to end, which means they cannot be intercepted, and they are never sent outside the University network.

7 Things You Should Know About Lecture Capture

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and make it available digitally. See attached .pdf article to read how this applies to the teaching environment at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Trouble Connecting to the Wireless - Update Intel WiFi Drivers

Greetings All,

Having Trouble Staying Connected to the Wireless Network?

Computing Services is suggesting (as a matter of good practice) that users upgrade to the latest wireless card drivers, particularly Intel wireless card users. We further suggest that you set the "power save feature" to off (wireless card always awake). These settings are generally found in your wireless client software. We have found following these procedures make for a better user experience. If you need help with these updates or settings please contact our Help Desk Room 2938 VMBSB.

Background Information:

Vetstar and Vadds Upgrade - Computer Restart Required

We will be implementing a major upgrade to Vetstar and VADDS in this Sunday, January 25th so that will permit us to add some significant new functions to the system, including e-signatures, (electronic signatures) for documentation purposes of our electronic medical records (Client communications, RXs, SOAPS notes, etc).

Meeting Maker to Exchange Migration Complete

Greetings All,

The Meeting Maker to Exchange conversion is complete. Please remember to use Outlook or the OWA (http://exchange.cites.uiuc.edu) to view and edit your calendar and resource calendars.

The Meeting Maker calendar will be online tomorrow if you feel the need to logon and check for data accuracy. However, do NOT schedule appointments in Meeting Maker. Again, any scheduling changes made in Meeting Maker after 5PM on Thursday, Dec 11th will NOT be migrated to your Exchange calendar.

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