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Walk-in Service Hours SAC 281

Walk-in Service Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 11:45AM – 1:00PM

Samll Animal Clinic: Room 281

Email: net@vetmed.illinois.edu

Alternative Access to Virtual Microscopy

There is an alternative method to accessing Histology virtual microscopy aside from visiting slidehosting.com. You can download Image Scope Viewer and then access the individual slides from the cvm-ad file servers. Read below for details.

Download Aperio’s FREE ImageScope Viewer

CB Campus Visits Program announcement

Dear Faculty,

As a reminder to everyone, I am passing along some information I received from Deborah Richie at the Graduate College while we were working on the CB Block grant.

The graduate College will help finance recruitment visits to a department for minority students. Please see the information below.

Reminder about CVM-AD accounts and Privileges for DVM students

CVM-AD Passwords and Account Privileges

All DVM students are granted a CVM-AD account when admitted to the College of Veterinary Medicine. Your CVM-AD account not only grants you access to the computers at the College of Veterinary Medicine but allows you to access shared college resources. In addition, all CVM-AD accounts have access to a personal network drive (your H: drive) from any CVM-AD computer. The current quota on each personal drive is 10GB. If you would like to access your H: drive remotely, click here for instructions.

Student Programmer Application

Application for Employment - Computing Services Student Programmer

The Computing Services department at the College of Veterinary Medicine is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2010 Semester. The Computing Services along with the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab is looking for student programmers for various projects.

Requirements For All Applicants:

* You MUST be able to work at least 8 hours a week. 10-15 hours is preferred
* You MUST be a full time student in good standing at the University of Illinois

Help Desk Consultant Application

Application for Employment - Computing Services Help Desk Student Consultant

The Computing Services Help Desk provides phone, email, and on-site IT support for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Common problems we solve are email setup, computer hardware upgrades, computer virus infections and general troubleshooting.

Requirements For All Applicants:

* You must be a full time undergraduate student in good standing at the University of Illinois

Detailed Carestream PACS installation posted


There have been an increased number of visits throughout the day and during extended Help Desk walk-in hours from DVM students regarding assistance with installing the Carestream PACS Internet Explorer plug-in. In order to reduce the amount of traffic regarding this issue to the Help Desk and also to allow teaching cases to be assigned in an efficient manner please attempt to install the required plug-in prior to your Imaging (radiology or ultrasound) rotation.

Looking for 1st Year AV Rep - apps due August 27th

[sent to the Class of 2014 distribution list]

For those interested in applying for the 1st AV Rep position here is a link to the application: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/oldnet/application/AVindex.html

Applications are due by Friday, August 27th and all interviews will be conducted after that date.

Thanks for reading,
Candice Solomon-Strutz

Audiovisual System Status for Fall 2010

[This message is being sent to all College faculty and staff via blind carbon copy]

Faculty and Staff,

Computing Services has verified the classroom audiovisual systems in 100 LAC, 80 SAC, 2251, 2258 and 2743 BSB are in full operation for the Fall semester. If you are new to teaching in these rooms or you would like a refresher, we offer hands-on training session for individuals or small groups. They take 10-15 minutes. Please email me at bpjohns@illinois.edu or call 333-4528 to set up a time.

Vetstar Installer available for Vista and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

As of yesterday the Vetstar installer for Vista 32-bit has been made available. Please visit: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vetstar/client.htm for detailed installation instructions. Do not hesitate to contact Computing Services at net@vetmed.illinois.edu if you experience difficulty with the installation.

Thank you for your patience,
Candice Solomon-Strutz

Update the 64-bit version is now also available as of 8/18/2010

Update the Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit is now also available as of 8/23/2010

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