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How to Configure 4D Client 2004.5

Attached are helpful instructions about how to configure the 4D client or read below:

    1. Copy the CVM supported version of 4D from \\pluto\utilities directly to your C: drive. The current version that is supported at CVM is 2004.5. The most recent is available for download on the web at: http://www.4d.com/downloads/products.html

    2. Open the Program and go to custom tab and type in the correct server name and address:

    Admissions - oxpecker.vetmed.illinois.edu:19810
    Financials - oxpecker.vetmed.illinois.edu:19820
    CAMF - oxpecker.vetmed.illinois:19830
    Property – oxpecker.vetmed.illinois.edu:19840
    LAC Storeroom - oxpecker.vetmed.illinois.edu:19850

    4d: 4d4d: 4d

    3. Check the “Force the update of the local resources” box.

    4. Once the appropriate server information is entered, the server name and address will appear in recent tab for the current user profile. In turn, you will not have to reenter this data on your station.

    5. Once connected, select proper user, type in password, and go.

4D configuration.doc47 KB