Progesterone receptor in the ovary

Previous studies have revealed that the hormone progesterone, along with several types of immune cells, play a pivotal role in ovulation. Dendritic cells are one such type of immune cells that act as ‘messenger cells’ within the body’s immune system. While it is known that the presence of both dendritic cells and progesterone is necessary for ovulation to occur, the correlation between them is not fully clear. My project focuses on understanding this mutual interaction between progesterone and dendritic cells, and how they impact each other to make ovulation possible. I am particularly interested in studying how dendritic cell numbers vary depending on the expression of progesterone within the ovary. I am comparing levels of dendritic cells within the reproductive tracts of female mice, in the presence and absence of progesterone, using Yellow Florescence Protein (YFP) as an identification marker. Hence, the study will enable us to further understand the coordination between dendritic cells and progesterone, the specific role of dendritic cells with regards to ovulation, and how the dynamic process of ovulation ultimately takes place.