Regulation of leukocyte infiltration into the ovary

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In women of reproductive age, cross talk between the immune and reproductive systems impacts fertility. In particular, studies have shown that a tight spatiotemporal control of leukocyte infiltration into the ovary is pivotal for successful ovulation. Once infiltrated, the leukocytes differentiate into a cohort of pro- or anti-inflammatory cells in the preovulatory ovary and play critical roles in ovulation and luteal formation. Our laboratory investigates the mechanism of leukocyte infiltration and the role of progesterone (P4) and prostaglandins (PGs) in the process. The aims of this study are to identify mediators of P4 and PG action in regulating ovarian WBC infiltration and to identify the trigger of preovulatory splenic WBC release. This will lead to a better diagnosis and more efficient clinical treatment for defects in ovulatory function.