Job Opportunity: Part-Time House Call Euthanasia

Jul 24, 2017 / Alumni Job Board

Part Time House Call Euthanasia – Supplement Your Income As A Clinic Vet

Peaceful Passage At Home Pet Euthanasia is in need in of part time Veterinarians for our in home euthanasia services. This position is ideal for Veterinarians who work a full time clinic position as it allows them to supplement their income while not competing with their existing clinic’s services. You make your own schedule so you can work as little or as much as you want. You simply communicate with our team when you can be available and we’ll route calls directly to you with perspective customers. Its that simple and it can supplement your income up to $5,000 per month ($50-$150 of profit per hour for your time). We have open positions in Chicago, but we will open a new market anywhere in the U.S. for the right individual.

This role is that of an independent contractor which allows you to expense all of your costs on your taxes! Things like continuing education, vehicle mileage, equipment, etc. can now all be deducted against your self employment income.

Our current Doctors tell us that their normal clinic jobs are stressful because of the constant follow up/worrying about patients. “Will that dog make it through the night?” “I need to follow up with 7 clients today and 2 emergencies just came in the door!”. This role is relatively stress free as there is no follow-up lab work or an upset client that the animal didn’t heal quickly, etc. The finality of the service allows our Doctors to go home with their work completed.

Finally, our Doctors share our same feelings that performing this service in the animal’s home is by far the most humane treatment of the animal. We all know taking an animal into the clinic adds significant stress. The unfamiliar place of the clinic is not where the owner would like to be when they spend their last few moments with their beloved pets. I’m sure if you think about it, you would always prefer to euthanize your own pets at home too.

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•Obtain DEA License for the State of Illinois prior to commencement of position


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