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This month and this enewsletter call to mind so many things to be thankful for:

  • Scientists whose discoveries are improving health in people and animals
  • Clinicians who provide the very best care to their patients
  • Students who are excelling in their field and becoming the leaders of tomorrow
  • Practitioners who continue to learn, grow, and partner with the college long after their graduation
  • A college community where faculty, staff, and students work and learn together

Thank you for the ways each of you makes it possible for us to advance our mission of teaching, research, and service.--Herb

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Dr. Gee LauNew findings reported in the journal PLoS ONE advance the effort to develop a reliable method for shutting down the spread of drug resistance in bacteria.

“Our approach inhibits resistance gene transfer in all strains of S. pneumoniae, and does so without increasing selective pressure and without increasing the likelihood that resistant strains will become dominant,” said Dr. Gee Lau, who led the study.

> Read more about this study.

Golden EagleDr. Julia Whittington, medical director of the Wildlife Medical Clinic, has been overseeing the care and treatment of a golden eagle, rare to this part of the US, that was brought to the clinic with a broken wing bone.

> Read more about the golden eagle's case.

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Dr. Devon Hague Dr. Devon Hague joined the teaching hospital staff in August after completing a residency in a busy neurology specialty referral hospital in the Washington, DC, area.

Though she enjoys all areas of neurology, Dr. Hague has a particular interest in epilepsy, neuromuscular diseases and rehabilitation for neurologic patients. “I am looking forward to starting clinical research projects that could benefit patients," she says.

Dr. Hague has already plunged into teaching, lecturing on neurology to 3rd-year students and working with 1st-, 2nd-, and 4th-year students on clinical rotations. “I’m very pleased with the excitement students have shown in learning about clinical neurology," she notes. Dr. Hague is currently preparing a neurology rotation that will be available for 4th-year students next summer. 

The neurology service provides advanced diagnostics, such as magnetic resonance imaging, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, and electrodiagnostics, as well as brain and spinal surgeries. Dr. Hague is available for phone consultations with veterinarians during weekdays. For service hours, visit the online rDVM directory and click on Cardiology/Neurology in the table of contents.

> Learn more about Dr. Devon Hague

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Dr. Pam Wilkins has been invited to join the editorial review board for Equine Veterinary Education.

Dr. Karie Vander WerfEquine emergency and critical care resident Dr. Karie Vander Werf received the Award for Best Large Animal/Equine Resident Research Abstract, sponsored by Mila International, at the recent International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society Meeting in San Antonio, Texas for her work comparing blood gas and metabolite results between the transverse facial sinus, jugular vein and transverse facial artery, part of larger project with her colleagues Drs. Kara Lascola, Pam Wilkins, and former intern Stephanie Freese.

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Upcoming Alumni Receptions

  • December 3, 2012, AAEP Alumni Reception, Anaheim Marriott, Elite 1 Ballroom, Anaheim, Calif.
  • January 20, 2012, NAVC Alumni Reception, Marriott World Trade Center, Grand 5-6 Ballroom
    Orlando, Fla.
  • February 18, 2013, WVC Alumni Reception, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.

> For more information about upcoming alumni reunions, e-mail

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The University of Illinois Cancer Care Clinic and Comparative Oncology Research Laboratory is accepting dogs for a partially-funded clinical trial with a novel anticancer agent and doxorubicin. Participating dogs will be treated every 14 days with oral PAC-1 and standard doses of doxorubicin. To be included, dogs must have a confirmed neoplasia, a measurable tumor burden, and weight of 20 kg or more.

> Learn more about inclusion criteria, treatment, and compensation for this canine oncology clinical trial.

The Cancer Care Clinic and Comparative Oncology Research Laboratory is also accepting cats for a funded study to determine the safety and efficacy of melformin in cats with cancer. Participating cats must have no significant organ dysfunction or other acute disease(s), including advanced renal disease, and must have no prior treatment with high-dose corticosteroids, immunosuppressive agents, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy .

> Learn more about inclusion criteria, treatment and compensation for this feline oncology clinical trial.

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Students in Dr. CheMyong (Jay) Ko and Dr. Sidonie Lavergne's laboratories have recently received awards for their research and presentations. Find out more about their accomplishments, along with other news, on the new blog," Inside the Department of Comparative Biosciences."

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girl with stethoscopeIn early October, the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine participated in the city-wide Chicago Ideas Week with a two-hour lab called "All Hands on Pets!" Participants toured the facility, learned about the Illinois veterinary curriculum, and tried their hand at several veterinary clinical skills models.

> View the photos from "All Hands on Pets!"

boy dressed as surgeonOur October Vet Med Open House featured 50+ exhibits and demos and brought together alumni, current veterinary sutdents, animal enthusiasts, and future veterinarians.

Relive the fun on our Flickr site.


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saw whet owl"Run Wild for Wildlife" at Homer Lake on April 7 and help support the Wildlife Medical Clinic.

Choose either the 6K or the 10 mile course.

> Learn more or register today!

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The Chicago Continuing Education Event

Join us on December 6 at 6 pm for The Chicago Continuing Education Event and earn two hours of free CE credit. Drs. Mitch Robbins and Rhonda Feinmehl will present a one-hour talk on "Management of Soft Tissue Sarcomas in Dogs." Dr. Mimi Noonan will present a 30-minute talk on "Commonly used Immunosuppressive Drugs in Dogs and Cats," and Dr. Tom Graves will present a 30-minute talk on "A Feline Endocrine Disease You Might Have Missed." The event will be held at the Illinois Medical District Commission building at 2100 West Harrison Street, Chicago, Ill. 

Coming in 2013

New Course Offerings

Executive Veterinary Program in Small Animal Ultrasound, February 2013 through November 2014.
Members of this program will receive high-caliber training in diagnostic ultrasound using classroom and hands-on laboratory settings. The course meets four times per year over a two-year period and provides its graduates with high-level training geared to be most valuable in a general practice setting.

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