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As we look forward to graduation on May 16, I want to share a little about the 106 members of the Class of 2010. Of those who recently completed a questionnaire about their post-graduation plans, the majority will be entering small animal practice, with smaller numbers entering mixed practice, equine, exotics, bovine, and swine practices. Forty-six reported that they plan to remain in Illinois.

I’m especially pleased that 27 new graduates will be entering competitive internships. Locations for small animal internships include the Animal Medical Center, Tufts, Colorado State, Texas A&M, Cornell, the University of Florida, the University of Minnesota, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois, and specialty practices across the country, including the VCA specialty practice in Aurora/Berwyn, Ill., which will employ five 2010 graduates. Other graduates are entering equine internships, lab animal medicine programs, a zoo medicine internship, and a clinical pathology residency.

There is a direct link between our students’ ability to choose a career path that includes internships and residencies and the amount of scholarship support that we can offer them. At a time when the average educational debt for veterinarians at graduation is $120,000, scholarship support makes a tremendous difference.

This year we awarded nearly $350,000 in scholarships to more than 140 students. We would love to double that amount with the help of alumni and friends who value the contributions that today’s students will make as future leaders in the veterinary profession.

I salute the members of the Class of 2010, the faculty who provided them with an excellent veterinary education, and the donors who help make that education attainable through scholarship support. Together you all shape the future of veterinary medicine.--Herb


Focus on Recent Faculty Publications

Dr. Anne Barger, clinical associate professor of pathobiology, co-authored "What is your diagnosis? Hemorrhagic effusion in a dog," published in Veterinary Clinical Pathology, Volume, Issue 4,April 2009, pages 529-531.

Dr. Julie Byron, assistant clinical professor of veterinary clinical medicine, and Dr. Avery Bennett, professor veterinary clinical medicine, co-authored "Megaesophagus in a 6-month-old cat secondary to a nasopharyngeal polyp," published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, Volume 12, Issue 4, April 2010, pages 322-324.

Dr. Thomas Graves, associate professor of veterinary clinical medicine, co-authored "Synthetic Insulin Analogs and Their Use in Dogs and Cats," published in the Veterinary Clinics of North America - Small Animal Practice, Volume 40, Issue 2, March 2010, (2) pages 297-307.

Dr. Mauria O'Brien, clinical assistant professor of veterinary medicine, authored "Diabetic Emergencies in Small Animals" published in Veterinary Clinics of North America - Small Animal Practice, Volume 40, Issue 2, March 2010, pages 317-333.


A Night of CE at Hawthorne Animal Hospital
Glen Carbon, Ill.
May 19, 2010

Dr. Anne Barger will present "Cytology of the Dog and Cat: A Case-based Approach." Reserve your spot by May 14, visit: https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/1350861

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Go Orange, Blue & Green on Vet Med Planting Day, May 22.

Calling all green thumbs! Join us on Saturday, May 22, for a second planting day to complete the Prairie Plant Garden project. Last June, more than 100 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds planted nearly 7,000 prairie plant seedlings on the grounds of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. This spring another 2,500 seedlings will go in. Read more and sign up to volunteer.

Teaching Hospital Says "Thank You" to Service Animals with Free Eye Exams

To show appreciation for service animals, veterinary ophthalmologists--eye specialists--at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital are participating in the third annual AVCO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam. Learn more about how to qualify and register.

Campaign Highlighted College "Points of Pride"

Thank you to the faculty and staff who donated in this year's "Providing Excellence" faculty-staff campaign. This month-long celebration of Vet Med Pride highlighted our spirit of innovation, our commitment to community service, our scholarly achievements, and our traditions of excellence.

Our "Points of Pride" blog is brimming with the many accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Plus, it's a great place to test how well you know your Vet Med history. Do you know what year the first Vet Med class started? Get the answer, and more fun facts, right here.


Small Animal Medicine Continuing Education Series: End of Life Communication, May 20, Chicago, Ill.
Introduction to Laparoscopic Surgery, June 5-6, Urbana, Ill.
Canine Oral Surgery Intensive Short Course, July 9-10, Urbana, Ill.
Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery: Laparoscopy and Thorascopy, July 10-11, Urbana, Ill.
Canine Oral Surgery Intensive Short Course, August 6-7, Urbana, Ill.
Fall Conference for Veterinarians, September 9-10, Champaign, Ill.

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2010 Awards & Scholarships Ceremony

Student at 2010 Awards & Scholarships




Vet Med Pride: The Movie

Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice

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  • New Surgical Options for Trachial Collapse
  • New Oncology Clinical Trial for Dogs


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