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Meet the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine Team

Atop our College’s list of resolutions for 2009 is launching our Chicago primary care teaching facility. We’ve found the right place. And now we’ve found the right people. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the members of the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine (CCVM) team.

Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice (DVM IL ’81) will serve as interim director overseeing all the CCVM operations and programs. As the “public face” of the CCVM, Dr. LoGiudice will be involved in a number of public engagement, recruitment and scholarly collaboration initiatives. Previously the owner of Country Care Animal Hospital in Manhattan, Ill., Dr. LoGiudice has most recently served as the director of membership and field service for AVMA.

Drs. Kelly Morgan (DVM IL ’05), Tracey Davis Hlede (DVM IL ’06), and Jason Doukas (DVM IL ’08) will all serve as clinical instructors, providing primary care clinical services and working with veterinary students on primary care rotations.  In addition, Dr. Hlede (pictured above) will develop a recruiting program focused on underrepresented minorities and Dr. Morgan will pursue board certification in behavior medicine.

Rosemary Burke, formerly the assistant director of patient access services at UI Medical Center in Chicago, will serve as the assistant director of business and client services. Kelsie Dolezal, RVT, CVT, RALAT, will be the lead veterinary technician. To get the latest updates on the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine, visit vetmed.illinois.edu/chicago. --Herb


New CT Services this February

For Susan Hartman, RT(R), CT, senior imaging specialist and clinical coordinator of imaging services, the new year brings increased efficiency and exciting new care applications, thanks to the new GE Lightspeed 16 slice Helical CT scanner, which will be operational the first week of February. 

The new scanner will allow the imaging staff to acquire targeted .6 millimeter slices in large data sets to be used for 3-D reconstructions. These large data sets can be acquired consecutively to image arterial and venous phase vascular studies. The capacity for post-scanning image reconstruction will allow data to be processed into thinner slices without rescanning the patient. These thin slices can be reformatted to make multiplanar views or 3D images.

Faster scan times and use of immobilization devices will also allow scans to be performed with reduced anesthesia time or sedation, which in turn will lower both the cost and the strain on the patient. 

Hartman, who worked as an MRI and CT imaging coordinator at Carle Clinic before joining the teaching hospital, is excited about future applications, particularly in emergency and critical care, since “CT imaging can give us information not captured on an X ray.”

Imaging questions or requests for consultation should be directed to Susan Hartman at 217/244-2031 or VTHImaging@vetmed.illinois.edu

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