Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine

In establishing the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine, the state’s only veterinary college exponentially expanded its ability to deliver service, education, and discovery.

A Headquarters in Chicago

Since its founding in 2009 the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine has served as the umbrella organization for the college’s teaching, research, and public engagement initiatives in the Chicago area. A metropolitan facility enables the college to reach more animals, more animal owners, more prospective students, and more research collaborators. By creating more partnerships, the college becomes better at fulfilling its mission.

The Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine was founded to:

  • Enhance the clinical and practice management education of veterinary students
  • Expand the pool of patients for clinical trials that advance animal health
  • Provide Chicago-based veterinary professionals with better access to University of Illinois resources
  • Reach out to new populations of student applicants, research collaborators, and financial supporters
  • Attract new University of Illinois veterinary faculty who desire a metropolitan venue
  • Increase awareness of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in one of the nation’s largest and most vibrant cities

Veterinary Services

The college’s most visible activities in Chicago are its primary care clinic and behavior practice located at 2242 West Harrison Street:

Our service teams are dedicated to providing the best care for pets and their people, while supporting the college’s mission of teaching and advancing veterinary medicine.

Read more about the role of these clinics in serving pets and enhancing veterinary education.

Veterinary Student Recruitment

Having a Chicago headquarters has strengthened the college’s involvement in the Veterinary Mentor Program, a partnership with Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society begun in 2000 that brings science-based programs to high school students interested in veterinary careers. The college has also established close ties to the Chicago Public School’s health careers program, which reaches students from the state’s most diverse population. Mentoring experiences and internships for youth interested in exploring a veterinary career are made possible at the Chicago Center.

Joint Veterinary-Public Health Degree Program

The College of Veterinary Medicine and the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois-Chicago together offer a joint degree program leading to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and a master of public health degree within five years. Graduates are prepared to enter a variety of public health or regulatory careers. Read more about the DVM-MPH program.

Zoological Pathology Program

The Zoological Pathology Program is a service of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory that is housed at the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo and provides daily service to Brookfield Zoo as well as the Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens and the John G. Shedd Aquarium. This program, initiated in 1993, is a full-service diagnostic, teaching and research pathology program. It is currently the largest of only three programs in the United States offering full-time, exotic animal pathology training and the only program with established academic ties and incorporated domestic animal pathology training. Read about the activities of the Zoological Pathology Program.

Zoological and Aquatic Animal Medicine Residency

A three-year residency in zoological and aquatic animal medicine is offered by the college in conjunction with Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo and John G. Shedd Aquarium. Residents spend the first year in Urbana working with the exotic animal service at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Wildlife Medical Clinic. For the final two years the resident is based primarily in Chicago and is supervised in part by a college faculty member who works full-time at Brookfield Zoo. Learn more about the zoological and aquatic animal medicine residency.

How Can You Help?

There are many opportunities to support the work carried out at the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine, from assisting with indigent pet care to enhancing the experiences of veterinary students or prospective veterinary students. Other gift opportunities include such needs as equipment, outreach, and public education.

To find out more, contact the college Office of Advancement at 217-333-2761.