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Division of Cellular Biology & Anatomy

Faculty in the Division of Cellular Biology & Anatomy are responsible for teaching first-year students the required, basic science courses in gross anatomy, histology, developmental anatomy and neurobiology. They also teach various elective courses in the veterinary curriculum and participate in a variety of graduate courses, both within the department and in other colleges on campus. Research by faculty in the Division includes studies in reproductive biology and toxicology, endocrinology, estrogen function in male reproduction, developmental biology, mammalian temperature regulation, biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system, bone and joint pathobiology. Research is supported by extramural funding from NIH, USDA, C-FAR and a variety of local and private sources. Faculty in this division also participate in University-wide training programs in Reproductive Biology and Environmental Toxicology.

For further information about the Division of Cellular Biology & Anatomy, please contact:
Dr. Marie Claude-Hofmann, Division Chair