Emerging Osteosarcoma Treatments

Nov 15, 2017 / In the News

Journal of the AVMA (Nov. 15 ) – A Morris-funded study at the University of Illinois is examining the use of nanoparticles to deliver chemotherapeutic agents directly to osteosarcoma cells in the bone. Other studies are looking at pain control.

Exposure to Genistein May Impair Female Fertility

Nov 15, 2017 / In the News

Eureka Alert (Nov. 14) – Chronic preconception exposure to genistein affected pregnancy rates in mice and was associated with prolonged labor, smaller litters and pups, and higher rates of pup mortality, according to a study in the journal Reproductive Toxicology by Dr. Jodi Flaws and other scientists at the University of Illinois.

Rescued Owl Finds Home at Shedd Aquarium

Nov 15, 2017 / In the News

Huffington Post (Nov. 14) – Among the four hawks and two owls that live at Shedd Aquarium is Logan, a male great horned owl that originally presented to the University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic with an injury to the right eye.

Second-generation Clones of Dog Reported

Nov 14, 2017 / In the News

National Post (Toronto, Ontario; Nov. 13) – Three healthy reclones of Snuppy, the world’s first cloned dog, have been reported in an article in Scientific Reports, a journal from the publishers of Nature. The puppies, which are now about a year old, “will be closely watched. Almost every aspect of their life will be measured...

Police Dog Recovers from Splenic Torsion

Nov 13, 2017 / In the News

News-Gazette (Nov. 12) – Rex, a canine officer with the Decatur Police Department, visited the emergency room at the UI Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana for what turned out to be a splenic torsion. Also in: Herald & Review (Decatur, Ill.; Nov. 19)

Illinois Expert Cited on Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer

Nov 13, 2017 / In the News

Fillmore County (Minn.) Journal (Nov. 13) – Dr. Clifford F. Shipley, University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, who was a keynote speaker at a community forum in Chatfield last February, indicated the disease appears to be spread from animal to animal through infected feces, urine, saliva, and muscle or nervous system tissues.

Faculty, Students Perform Bull Breeding Exams

Nov 10, 2017 / In the News

AgriNews (Nov. 8) – One of the most rewarding activities at Dixon Springs Ag Center is the education of students. College of Veterinary Medicine faculty and staff were recently here evaluating the breeding bulls for breeding soundness.

How to Respond to Pet Choking

Nov 10, 2017 / In the News

Daily Herald (Nov. 9) – Dr. Maureen McMichael, a veterinarian at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana, who is board certified in emergency and critical care, advises having the phone numbers of your veterinarian and a nearby 24-emergency clinic handy. In case of an emergency, call ahead to let them know you...

Summer Research Program Profiles

Nov 8, 2017 / In the News

iStem (Oct. 31) – Four participants in the college’s Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) were profiled. Students are paired with a faculty mentor, and they complete a research project over 10 weeks as a way to explore a career in research.