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Birthday Wish of 101-year-old Researcher: Funding

Sep 29, 2015 / In the News

Washington Post (Sept. 29) – What do you get for the 101-year-old who has everything? Dr. Fred Kummerow has little interest in presents. Instead, in a heartfelt note Tuesday to friends and colleagues, Kummerow asked for a different kind of gift: Funding to keep his university lab up and running.

Free Symposium Presents Plastics’ Health Research

Sep 19, 2015 / In the News

News-Gazette (Sept. 19) – Findings will be presented from a federally funded project that recruits pregnant women in their first trimester and follows them and their babies to measure exposure to BPA, phthalates, triclosan (found in some antibacterial products, such as soaps) and parabens (found in cosmetics) and to collect data on the babies’ growth...

Forensic Pathologist Testifies in Cruelty Case

Sep 16, 2015 / In the News

News-Gazette (Sept. 16) – “The pain centers of the dog are … millions of little nerves that can perceive pain. Every one of those little nerves would be firing in pain. This would be extreme pain,” said Dr. Adam Stern, a University of Illinois veterinary pathologist who conducted the necropsy on Malik, a pit bull...

Dog Flu Threat Over

Sep 9, 2015 / In the News

News-Gazette (Sept. 9) – Dr. Maureen McMichael, a professor of emergency and critical care at the UI College of Veterinary Medicine, said the UI veterinary diagnostic lab hasn’t seen any positive cases of canine flu since June, so it should be fine to take your dog to the park as long as you exercise normal...

Wildlife Clinic Shows Skink

Sep 9, 2015 / In the News

ciLiving (Sept. 9) – A skink from the University of Illinois’ Wildlife Clinic visited the WCIA studio.

Second Sunday in September is National Pet Memorial Day

Sep 6, 2015 / In the News

News-Gazette (Sept. 6) – Cheryl Weber, a client counselor specialist at the UI Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana, says the way individuals cope with the death of a pet can be diverse, varying to meet each person’s unique needs.

Avoid Rabbit Fever

Aug 31, 2015 / In the News

News-Gazette (Aug. 30) – A disease of wildlife called tularemia, also known as rabbit fever, has been reported in every state except Hawaii, according to Kelly Rockwell, a third-year student at the UI College of Veterinary Medicine who co-manages the student-run Wildlife Medical Clinic. “Tularemia has been around a long time,” Rockwell said. “It is...

Shelter Medicine Program in Hoopeston

Aug 20, 2015 / In the News

Hoopeston Chronicle (Aug. 19) – Trap/Neuter/Release works because University of Illinois veterinary students, utilizing a mobile clinic unit, are able to handle a large number of cats in a short period of time for a low cost.

Mysterious Fungus Killing Snakes in Nine States

Aug 9, 2015 / In the News

Chicago Tribune (Aug. 9) – In Illinois every year the disease infects about 15 percent of the population of about 300 of massasauga rattlesnakes, with a mortality rate of 80 percent to 90 percent, said Matt Allender, a wildlife veterinarian and epidemiologist at the University of Illinois who started noticing the fungus in 2011.

Poisonous Plant Garden Surprises

Aug 9, 2015 / In the News

News-Gazette (Aug. 9) – “The [College of Veterinary Medicine Poisonous Plant Garden] allows veterinary students to become familiar with plants that might pose a threat to their future patients,” said Lynsee Melchi, a third-year veterinary student and the senior student curator of the garden. Also in: * ciLiving on WCIA-TV (Aug. 7)