Abused Dog Treated at Veterinary Hospital

Apr 25, 2016 / In the News

News-Gazette (April 25) – Funds raised on behalf of an abused dog named Bear were used to have the dog transferred to the University of Illinois veterinary clinic, where it was expected to undergo a “full body scan” Monday, Foster said. Also in: FoxIllinois News (April 26) The (April 26) St....

Senior Students Examine Animals at Wildlife Prairie Park

Apr 14, 2016 / In the News

ciProud News (Peoria; April 13) – Veterinary students at the University of Illinois are performing yearly wellness exams on the animals at Wildlife Prairie Park. “These are not animals who hop up on the exam table, open their mouth and say ‘ah.’ These are animals that, while they’re kept in confinement, they’re kept in captivity,...

McCoy Receives Morris Animal Foundation Grant

Apr 14, 2016 / In the News

Navigator, AAEP Foundation newsletter (Spring, p. 3) – Dr. Annette McCoy, 2011 recipient of the AAEP Foundation Past Presidents’ Research Fellow and assistant professor of equine surgery at the University of Illinois, recently received a grant from the Morris Animal Foundation for her continued research into the development of osteochondrosis.

Veterinary Mental Health Focus of Roundtable

Apr 13, 2016 / In the News

JAVMA News (April 13) – At a veterinary profession wellness roundtable, convened by the American Veterinary Medical Association in March 2016, Dr. Jonathan Foreman, associate dean for academic and student affairs at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, said he worries about the struggling students who received help during school but don’t have the same...

Deaths of Newborn Dolphins Linked to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Apr 12, 2016 / In the News

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, April 12) — The deaths of stillborn and recently born bottlenose dolphins found stranded on beaches and in coastal waters along the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama during the four years after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill were likely the result of chronic health problems of their mothers and...

African Swine Fever Research May Aid Vaccine Development

Apr 12, 2016 / In the News

National Hog Farmer (April 11) – Dr. Dan Rock and colleagues identified a method to group African Swine Fever viruses by serotype, which should facilitate study of ASFV strain diversity and antigenic variability and provide information critical for vaccine design, development and use.

Corneal Bank at Veterinary Hospital

Apr 6, 2016 / In the News

ciLiving (April 1) – Dr. Bianca da Costa Martins, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, talked about the corneal bank she is establishing to help horses and dogs with damaged corneas. News-Gazette (April 24)

Lowe Speaks at Cattle Feeders Day

Apr 6, 2016 / In the News

AgriNews (April 2) – The beef industry is going to move from a commodity-based business to an attribute-based marketing system. “Over the last 30 years, the super centers have replaced small grocery stores, and they have different purchasing desires,” said Dr. Jim Lowe, associate professor in the College of Veterinarian Medicine at the University of...

Using Honey and Sugar in Wound Care

Apr 5, 2016 / In the News

News-Gazette (April 3) – Dr. Maureen McMichael, an emergency and critical care veterinarian at the UI Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana, says, “We keep sugar and a big jar of honey in the ER since we deal with many wounds that can benefit from them.”

Wild Badger May Reveal Health Information

Mar 28, 2016 / In the News

Elgin Courier-News (March 26) – Jennifer Langan, senior staff veterinarian for the Chicago Zoological Society and clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois, said badgers are rarely seen in Illinois. Also in: * Oak Park-River Forest Patch (March 26)