Links to Places We Like!

Stuff about Pets:

Answers to all the questions about your pets.

Careers in Veterinary Medicine:

Science for Life
A short video about the breadth of careers in veterinary medicine.
Admissions Guide
The College's guidelines for prospective veterinary students.
For High School Students
Most veterinary students already have a college degree. So what should you do as a high school student?
American Veterinary Medical Association
Involved with vets everywhere.

People We Work with:

Office of Academic and Student Affairs
From whence we came.
Office of the Dean
The dean is a nice guy - sometimes we participate in events with him.
UIUC Office of Public Affairs
Public Affairs at the University of Illinois. We like them.
CVM Office of Public Engagement
Public Engagement in the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. We like them, too.
Office of Veterinary Advancement
They advance things - we all like being advanced.

Other Outreach Programs:

The Physics Van
Also from University of Illinois - Science Shows for K-6
Kids & Chemistry
Also from University of Illinois - Chemistry Demos for Grades 3-4

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