How to contact us:

Please contact us to get more information about (or to request a program from) the Veterinary Student Outreach Program.

Important!!! VSOP is a student program - we are not yet DVMs, so we can not legally answer questions about medical conditions in individual pets. For these questions, please look at the articles at Pet Columns, call your local veterinarian, or contact the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

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E-mail Us: (to contact the veterinary students listed below)

Call Us: (CVM Office of Academic and Student Affairs)
(217) 265-0380

Send us Stuff:
Veterinary Student Outreach Program
Office of Academic and Student Affairs
UIUC College of Veterinary Medicine
2001 S. Lincoln Ave.
Urbana, IL 61802

VSOP Board Members:
President: Victoria McLean (VM19)

* Note: Since VSOP is run by students (who all have their own academic responsibilities), requests with less than 1 month's notice may be difficult to accommodate.


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