Some of Our Programs:

VSOP is happy to design a custom presentation for any event. The programs listed below are just some of those that we have done before.

You may narrow down the list by selecting from the following options:

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Program Title
Program Description
Target Ages
"Bagged" Version of Pet Nutrition
This is a 30-45 minute program aimed at introducing children to the diet and basic aspects of nutrition important to companion animals with the help of a bag of major national brand pet food.
3rd grade - 6th grade
A Dogs Day Out: Career Day Presentation
This is a 20-45 minute presentation that is specifically designed for career days and classroom visits. It includes sections on careers in veterinary medicine and how to perform a physical examination on a dog. A few of our animal friends will come along to assist. To download the physical exam form, click here.
5th grade - 12th grade
Animal Adaptations
This is a 20-45 minute presentation on the external physical traits domestic animals have, why they have evolved, and how they function today. Includes pet volunteers, skulls/skeletons, and/or preserved specimens. Could be considered an elementary version of the Guts & Diets program.
Kindergarten - 6th grade
Canine Exercise Physiology Lab
This is 60-90 minutes program set up as a science experiment. The goal of this program is to introduce students to basics of exercise physiology, learning how to measure vitals of companion animals (heart rate with stethoscope, pulse rate, respiratory rate), and to learn how obesity affects physical fitness. Our canine volunteers help a lot with this program.
4th grade - 8th grade
Does A Vet Do That?
This is a 20-30 minute presentation for early elementary to introduce aspects and fields of veterinary medicine. Includes props and pet volunteers.
Pre-K - 2nd grade
Dog Bite Prevention
This is a 30-60 minute presentation that teaches children what to do if approached by a dog and how to safely approach a dog. The goal is 2-fold: To help prevent dog bites and to emphasize respect for all animals. We recommend combining this with the Dog Care & Responsible Pet Ownership program.
Pre-K - 5th grade
Dog Care & Responsible Pet Ownership
This is a 20-45 minute interactive presentation that teaches children the basics of how to properly care for man's best friend. A lovable furry friend will come along to assist, and the students will get a hands-on opportunity to practice the different skills demonstrated. We also bring along various props and a felt board to help reinforce key points.
Pre-K - 5th grade
Guts and Diets: Comparative Digestive Anatomy Show-and-Tell
This is a 45-60 minute presentation on comparative digestive anatomy of domestic animals. It includes a short interactive powerpoint lecture on nutrition and digestive systems, using knowledge of human anatomy as the base for comparison. Then students put on gloves and get some hands-on experience looking at gross anatomy of preserved dog, cow and horse guts and microscopic analysis of tissue sections from the intestine.
9th grade - Undergraduate
Its More than Giving Shots to Puppies & Kittens
A powerpoint presentation on careers in veterinary medicine.
5th grade - 12th grade

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