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Elective Opportunities

Students accepted are required to have a total of 8 elective credit hours completed as part of the requirements of the DVM program.  It is customary that students take 1-2 electives per semester in order to try to get all 8 electives done before they enter their fourth year of clinical rotations which start in the spring semester of their third year.  Faculty have developed together a listing of "streamed" electives that are currently being taught (subject to change) to enable students to have a variety of topics from which to pick.

Students also have the opportunity to request elective credit for experiences outside the College of Veterinary Medicine.  This process happens two times a year with forms being due April 15 and Nov 15 depending on the dates the student is wanting to attend.  There is a formal approval process that the students will participate in order to have their request reviewed by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and/or by the College Courses, Curriculum, and Educational Policy Committee. More details will be forthcoming as you become more familar with the program.

To clarify elective questions that we have received regarding the elective streams:  The "streamed" electives that faculty have been working on are in the final stages.  These "streams" will not affect any electives that are offered to you in your first fall semester.  The two electives that you are able to register for as first years are listed on the Fall 2013 Schedule link; this includes ZooMed: What is Your Diagnosis? and Public Health Concepts and Practice which is an elective mainly developed for DVM/MPH applicants.