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DVM/Masters of Public Health Program Description

Program description

DVM/MPH studentsThe Master of Public Health (MPH) is the basic professional degree offered by the UIC School of Public Health. The joint degree DVM/MPH program ensures that the graduate has a general understanding of the field of public health and specific competence in areas such as epidemiology, biostatistics and health policy. The graduate is prepared for careers in public health practice at local, state and federal levels, in research in the private or public sectors or a hybrid career of private veterinary medical practice and consultative work at a local health department.

The joint DVM/MPH degree program is a five year program of study consisting of a combination of on-line and on-site courses and concluding with a research based Capstone project. Students in the program must satisfy the required four years of the professional veterinary medicine curriculum as well as the required 42 semester hours of the Master of Public Health Professional Enhancement Program (PEP) (see below).

For more detailed information about the joint degree DVM/MPH program, please visit the UIC SPH website -


MPH Requirements
Epidemiology Concentration
Semester Hours

EPID 403

Intro to Epidemiology: Principles & Methods (Online)



BSTT 400

Biostatistics 1 (on-line) may substitute PATH 691 Biostatistics



HPA 400

Principles of Management (on-line)



CHSC 400

P H Concepts & Practices (on-line)



EOHS 400

Principles of Environmental. Health Sciences (on-line)



CHSC 401

Behavioral Sciences (on-line)



EPID 404

Intermediate. Epidemiologic Methods



EPID 406

Epidemiologic Computing



EPID 410

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases



*may substitute PATH 416 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases


EPID 591

Current Epidemiologic Literature



BSTT 401

Biostatistics II



* may substitute PATH 691 Design and Analysis of Biomedical Experiments


EPID 411

Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases



IPHS 650

Field Experience in Public Health



IPHS 698

MPH Capstone Experience