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Admission to the DVM/Masters of Public Health Program

Admission requirements 

DVM/MPH StudentsStudents accepted into the professional DVM curriculum may apply to the joint DVM/MPH program during their first or second year in the DVM program. Applicants must have earned a baccalaureate degree, must be in good academic standing in the DVM program and must meet the requirements for the MPH program at the UIC School of Public Health.

Because applications for the jointl program are considered early in the Spring semester, students are encouraged to consult with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and the Director of the DVM/MPH program during Fall semester. Interested students are also encouraged to take the introductory public health course, Public Health Concepts and Practice (CHSC 400), a core course of the MPH program, to confirm and further develop their interest in public health. The course counts for elective credit within the DVM program and, if the student is admitted to the MPH program, counts for core credit in that program. Students are allowed to take one additional on-line MPH core course while their applications are being considered.

Progress through the program

Veterinary medical students complete the four years of their veterinary medical training at UIUC while taking UIC public health core courses online or on site in Chicago. Students accepted into the MPH program can receive core credit in the MPH program for courses within the graduate programs of the Pathology and Comparative Biosciences Departments at the College of Veterinary Medicine deemed equivalent to required MPH courses. Additionally, courses within the DVM curriculum in food safety, public health, toxicology, and virology are accepted as elective credit in the MPH program.

Five courses, accounting for sixteen semester hours, are taken on-line and are usually completed during the first three years of the veterinary medicine curriculum. The remaining twenty one hours of didactic coursework are completed during the academic year in Chicago. An additional five hours of credit are awarded for completion of the field experience and Capstone project.

Joint degree students spend a minimum of two semesters in residence at UIC SPH following the third or fourth years of the professional veterinary medical curriculum. It is anticipated that most, if not all, students will opt to finish their DVM studies prior to finishing the MPH degree in Chicago. Students are encouraged to spend a summer in Chicago in a public health related setting while completing their field experience and Capstone project. Alternatively, with the agreement of the co-advisors, Capstone research may be initiated and completed while in residence in Urbana. It is not uncommon for students to complete all on-line courses, field experience and the bulk of the Capstone project during their veterinary medicine curriculum prior to the academic year in Chicago, leaving only twenty one hours of class work to complete the MPH. Graduate DVM students finishing the MPH degree have the opportunity to take elective courses in Chicago in addition to required courses and to work in private veterinary medical practices and other health agencies while completing the MPH program

The Capstone project requires the student to synthesize knowledge acquired in course work and other learning experiences and to apply theory and principles in some aspect of professional public health practice. The field practicum experience frequently provides the foundation for the student's Capstone project. The Capstone and field experiences are opportunities for MPH students to participate in professional public health activities while developing their own meaningful project.

For more detailed information about the joint degree DVM/MPH program, please visit the UIC SPH website -

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Annual Security Report

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Annual Security Report is available. This report includes statistics from the previous three years concerning reported crime that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security and other safety information. You may obtain a paper copy of this report by contacting the Division of Public Safety or by accessing the following Web site: