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Clinical Skills Learning Center

Mission & Objectives

To provide a setting in which veterinary students can gain competence and confidence in technical clinical skills through:

    • self-directed learning
    • deliberate practice
    • formative feedback
    • summative assessment


    • Patient safety and animal well-being
      • Enable students to learn and practice technical clinical skills using non-living models, mannequins, and simulators in a safe, low-stress environment
      • Enable students to become familiar with veterinary equipment before being expected to use it in clinics
      • Optimize the use of teaching animals by shifting the learning of technical skills from live animals to the CSLC
    • Curricular enhancement
      • Enhance clinical relevancy of pre-clinical subject matter by incorporating learning of relevant clinical skills
      • Foster self-directed learning and peer teaching
      • Take advantage of new technologies and training tools to enhance learning
    • Competency assurance
      • Ensure consistent opportunity for students to acquire and practice essential clinical skills independent of clinical caseload
      • Provide opportunity for continuous performance improvement
      • Enable objective, outcomes-based assessment of essential clinical skills