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New Student Information

Check out your classmates with the updated profiles brought to you by the Big Sib-Little Sib Club.  Click here!

FALL VM1 2015 BOOKLIST is now available!  Click on it to see what books you are going to need for the fall 2011 semester.


As a new student, your first day of class will be spent working in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, working with patient records and will have access to health information systems and must complete a required orientation (please click on each item and follow instructions):

On-line Compass Training - must be completed by August 14, 2011

Information Security Compliance Form - Must be completed and turned in by August 16, 2011


Click Here to see the latest profiles of your classmates! 

PLEASE SEE THE NEW INFORMATION FOR RABIES VACCINES AT MCKINLEY HEALTH CENTER---- McKinley Health Center will be able to start giving the rabies vaccines on August 8, 2011.  If you get in right away, you will have 2 of the 3 shots finished before you start clinics. Costs for the series of vaccines: 3 vaccines at a cost of $180 each for a total of $540.  Please contact McKinley for any other questions.


  Date Schedule of Deadlines and Events

June 15, 2011

The following forms must be in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs no later than 4:30 p.m., June 15, 2011.

1) Blue Coat Ceremony Form

2) CHSC 400 Public Health and Concepts Elective Form (only if you are interested in this elective)

3 Instructional Imaging Form

4) New Student Information Form

5) Medical forms sent to McKinley Health Center, 1109 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, IL 61802

         July 1, 2011 ISCAVMA Membership and Supply Form due no later than 5:00 p.m., July 1, 2011.

Prior to August 15

Acquire your I-Card and purchase your Parking Permit on Main Campus (see below)


Aug 15 & Aug 16


1) Pictures are taken for your student ID and your Class of 2015 Picture Roster so ID badges will be ready for clinics on Monday! (Room BSB 2946)

Available 1:00 to 5:00 Monday and Tuesday.

2) IMPORTANT!!!  DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES THE BOOKSTORE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL THURSDAY, AUGUST 18. THEY WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 6:00 P.M. ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY TO ENSURE YOU GET YOUR BOOKS ORDERED FOR THE SECOND SEMESTER. The bookstore will be open from 1-5pm MON-FRI during orientation week! You will need to stop by with your booklist and deposit so you can get your books! We also have: LAB COATS, SCALPEL BLADES/HANDLES, LATEX AND NITRILE GLOVES, PENLIGHTS, THERMOMETERS, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU WILL NEED FOR CLINICAL ROTATIONS!! So don't worry about trying to find stuff on your own, just stop on in to the bookstore, they will have everything you need!!! If you have any questions, please shoot them an email at:!  (VSIL Bookstore located near the CLinical Skills Lab in SOL)

3) Tours of the College of Veterinary Medicine to familiarize yourself with the Vet Med Campus (meet in front of the Academic and Student Affairs Office on the second floor of BSB- 1:00 & 2:00 p.m.)


August 16, 2011

Buy your 3M Littmann Stethoscope and take it with you to clinics on Monday! The Littman Representatives will be on campus with stethoscopes for sale.


August 17, 2011

Illinois Veterinary Learning Experience - You won't want to miss it!


August 18, 2011



August 19, 2011

Mandatory OrientationAttend the Club Fair at noon. 


August 21, 2010

Blue Coat Ceremony   1:00 p.m.


August 22, 2011

First Day of Class on Clinical Rotations

Provide proof of Immunizations against Rabies as soon as posssible after the start of classes.  Send to College of Veterinary Medicine (see address below).

The following items need your attention before the start of classes on Monday, August 22, 2011.
This information will be very important for your successful transition into the College. Please click on any underlined link and you will be taken to the appropriate page for more detailed information, important dates and deadlines. Please take time to carefully read and respond to each section as necessary.  If a section does not have a link to it, keep checking regularly as this website is constantly updating with new information.


 3D Littmann Stehoscopes-- TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2011  9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

We are very excited to share with you an incredible opportunity regarding your stethoscope purchases!  The 3M representatives have agreed to come to our college during the week of Orientation and let you purchase 3M Littmann stethoscopes on site.  They will be here personally, Tuesday, August 16, 2011 from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  to answer questions and help you make the right selection from a variety of styles and colors ranging from the basic stethoscope to the top of the line style.  They have graciously offered to give free to each student who purchases a 3M Littmann Stethoscope an ID tag for the stethoscope, an extra pair of ear tips and a Cardiology CD (auscultations).  This is a very nice additional package valued at $30 which they are offering to you FREE as a thank you for choosing 3M Littman as your choice of stethoscopes.

Don’t miss this perfect chance to buy your 3M Littmann Stethoscope and take it with you!

Blue Coat Ceremony  - The Faculty of the College will welcome you formally into the veterinary profession on the afternoon of Sunday, August 21, 2011. Your blue lab coat is your badge as a veterinarian-in-training. The ceremony will begin at 1:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, 1001 Killarney, Urbana, IL.  A reception will follow at 2:00 p.m. Family members are invited to attend, but we do have to limit you to three guests per student. You will be requested to RSVP via the form you will be returning with the SIZE of lab coat you desire. Beginning at 2:30 p.m. Sunday we will be offering a student and family member information session. This session will help in orienting you to your new college environment while family members and other interested parties learn what to expect and how to support their new veterinary student during these next four years. Please complete the form and return it no later than 4:30 p.m., June 15, 2011.

Directions to the Holiday Inn:  Coming from I-74 East or West, exit off onto Lincoln Avenue.  Turn south and go over the interstate and to the first stop light which is Killarney.  Turn right and the Holiday Inn is ahead on your left.

Big Sib Little Sib Program

  The Big-Sib Little-Sib Program is a great way to get matched up to a second year with similar academic interests!  Your second year student can give you advice on school books, study habits, computers, information regarding Champaign-Urbana and more.  Complete the Information Form so that we can accurately match you with a student in the second year class!  Also please complete the Class of 2015 Profile Form.  This profile will be placed on the Vet Med 2015 website where all your other classmates can get to know you before the first day of Orientation.  The Big Sibs will providing you with all kinds of information, so stay tuned to find out about the kick-off party at the beginning of the school year (more info to come).  Please make sure that you have completed the forms and returned them to the Big Sib/Little Sib email: no later than July 1, 2011.

Elective Sign Up
Please click on the link below and return the appropriate forms to our office (address at the bottom of this page) if you are interested in this particular elective course. CHSC 400 is limited enrollment, selected by lottery. For the Public Health Concepts elective you should only return the form if you will be registering for the course. Please make sure you complete and return the form by no later than 4:30 p.m., June 15, 2011. CHSC 400 Public Health Concepts and Practice Elective Sign Up Form

ISCAVMA Membership Dues and Supply Order Form

Become an ISCAVMA member!  ISCAVMA is our school's student chapter of the AVMA.  Be sure to check out the form to see all the benefits of joining.   When you join ISCAVMA that gives you the added plus of being able to order the supply package that you will need.  ISCAVMA has made your life easier by creating a package for you to be able to order everything required for clinical rotation in one package deal.  Click on the link above to see what all they have to offer.

Instructional Imaging Fee

The College provides instructional learning through various types of technologies: virtual microscopy, microscopes and website technology.  There is a one-time mandatory support fee charge of $200, payable to the University of Illinois to ensure these technologies will continue to improve and expand enabling our students to receive the best learning experience available.  In the second year, actual microscopes will be used.  If you wish to have a microscope with a left-handed stage control, please notify us as soon as possible.  Complete and return the form no later than June 15, 2011.

New Student Information Form
Print this form informing us how you want your name for your mailbox and your name for the class composite. Complete and return to us no later than 4:30 p.m., June 15, 2011


Book Orders
Book Orders will be completed as a part of Orientation during the week of August 18 - August 19, 2011.

Class Schedule
Want to see your schedule?  Click on the link above! You will need to check your time ticket in Student Self-Service to determine when you will be able to register for classes.  Please try to be registered by August 12, 2011.  Your Enterprise ID will allow you to access the Student Self-Service Online Registration Forms.  Directions on using the Student Self-Service can be found at:

Dual Degree Programs at the College of Veterinary Medicine

Please join our "Illinois Veterinary Class of 2015" Facebook group.  Additional updates, housing information, and your fellow classmates can be found here.  You can also use this as a tool to ask questions or start a discussion with members of your class.  This group is administered by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs under the profile VetMed Asa.  If you are currently not a Facebook member and you want to be a part of Facebook, please create a free profile at

Illinois Veterinary Leadership Experience (iVLE) - Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Open House
Open House at the College of Veterinary Medicine is an annual event that all students are mandated to organize and attend.  This year the event will be on Sunday, October 2, 2011.  This event is completely organized by the DVM students.  Because of its overwhelming success (between 8,000 - 10,000 attendees on Sunday), the event takes all students' commitment to be successful.  Please mark your calendars now to plan on representing the College of Veterinary Medicine those days!

Orientation Schedule -  Click on the link to preview what will be happening during Orientation week!
Wednesday, August 17 - Friday, August 19, 2011

Check this site regularly for changes that might be of interest to you!

Rabies Immunization
All first year veterinary students are required to provide proof of immunization against rabies or pay for vaccination in the early part of the fall semester. This link provides information for you to give to physicians at home to get vaccinated before you arrive at the College of Veterinary Medicine.  If there is a medical reason for not being immunized, a letter of explanation must be provided by your physician.

If you do not get the vaccinations prior to enrolling the cost is not covered by the McKinley Health Service fee or under the student health insurance plan offered by the University of Illinois. Therefore, you must pay directly (credit card, cash, student account, check).  It may be worth while to see if your current health care plan will cover expenses for your rabies vaccinations. The costs for the FY 10-11 season for the three dose coverage is $180.00 per dose, (subject to change at any time) for a projected total cost of $540.  A titer, to determine if the vaccination was successful, will cost $37.   McKinley will start seeing students August 9, 2010.

Please mail proof of your rabies vaccination to:
College of Veterinary Medicine
Office of Academic and Student Affairs
2001 South Lincoln Avenue  Room 2271G
Urbana, IL 61802

This information is the required policy of the College of Veterinary Medicine and is not required by McKinley Health Service.  This College policy is for your protection. If you do not complete your rabies immunization by the end of the fall semester, or provide evidence why you cannot be immunized, you will be dismissed from the College for the spring semester.


Tours of the College


Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
The University of Illinois is committed to providing appropriate support for students with documented disabilities. If you require services, please call our office as soon as possible. If the accommodations you require impact special seating arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible.

Campus Safety
For information on staying safe on campus please refer to the following site:

Find out about the area you are going to be in for the next four years! Lots to see, lots to do!

Financial Aid
You may reach Financial Aid at the main campus office at 217-333-0100.

We have provided a link to the Tenant Union for your convenience.  This housing is on-campus for those of you who may be interested.  Many of the Veterinary Medicine students live off-campus.   For more information, please refer to the Facebook section of this website.

All University of Illinois students are required to have an I-card which serves as your official University identification. I-cards can be obtained at:

Illini Union Bookstore, First Floor
809 S. Wright Street
Champaign, IL 61820
Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: (217) 244-0135

Make arrangements to obtain an I-card at your convenience prior to the start of Orientation. You will need your I-Card to get a parking permit.

Notebook Computer Requirement - Please click on the link to read information regarding requirements for notebook computers the College requires. Notebooks/Computers can be added to your financial package as required components of the veterinary medicine program.  Here is some additional information to make sure that your computer will have everything that is needed to link to our systems.  CLICK HERE!

Parking Information
The Facilities and Services Parking Department is available to issue semester parking permits on-line. In order to get your parking tag, you will need your UIN number which you will receive by mail.   When you go on-line to purchase your parking tag, you will be given the option of where you want the parking tag mailed.  Please give them the address where you will be 7-10 days afterwards as that will be how long it takes for the parking tag to be processed and mailed.  If you plan on going in personally to purchase your parking tag, you will need to have your I-Card (instructions above) before you go to the Parking Department. Parking costs for students are $480 for a 9 month permit and $540 for a 12 month permit. 

You will need to have your parking tag before you come to Orientation on Wednesday, August 15, 2011, as the Parking Police will be issuing parking tickets. Tickets are $50.  If they are not paid within 72 hours, the cost will jump to $60.

Proof of Immunizations and Medical History Forms
Since July 1, 1989, Illinois State law has required that all students entering post-secondary educational institutions in the State of Illinois provide proof of immunity to measles, rubella, diphtheria, and tetanus. Note that the Immunization Information Form and the Medical Hisotry Form must be completed and returned no later than June 15, 2011 to McKinley Health Center. Please note instructions for completion of the form. Failure to comply with the instructions will result in an encumbrance.

Return the forms directly to:
McKinley Health Center
1109 South Lincoln Ave
Urbana, IL 61801

Please do not send these forms to the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Students register for classes using UI- Integrate Self-Service. These procedures can be found at: http://www.registrar.illinois/current/registration/proced The College of Veterinary Medicine Registration needs to be completed by 5:00 p.m. August 15, 2010. All Core classes are required. Click here for the Fall Schedule!  There are electives you may choose to take(see Course Catalog for details on electives). Some elective courses may have restricted enrollment (see Elective Credit Sign Up above). More information about electives and how many hours are required for graduation will be provided during orientation. You will be able to add them to your schedule at that time. 

Student Insurance
Link here to see current student insurance rates and more.

If you attended classes during the Spring 2011 session, submit final, official transcripts for all course work to the College of Veterinary Medicine no later than July 5, 2011. To be considered official, a transcript must: (a) list the conferral of all degrees earned, (b) list all course work completed and (c) be sent directly to this office from the institution in a sealed envelope. If you plan to take classes over the summer, we must receive the official transcript no later than October 1, 2011. If you have questions, please feel free to call the office at 217.333.1192.

Please return all forms (unless specified) to:
University of Illinois
College of Veterinary Medicine
Office of Academic and Student Affairs
2001 S. Lincoln Avenue
Room 2271G
Urbana, IL 61802

You will need to send a few forms to separate addresses as listed on the forms.
Please send immunization and medical history forms to McKinley Health Center.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

Jonathan Foreman, Associate Dean
Dawn Morin, Assistant Dean
Shelley Rairden, Program/Office Manager
Theresa Kincaid, Office Manager
Amy Simons, Office Support Associate
Karen Eichelberger, Chief Clerk