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Feline Heartworm Disease: Prevention Is Key

Jun 3, 2014 / Parasites / Preventive Health / Cats

Some cats never show clinical signs of heartworm disease. Most dog owners are aware that infected mosquitoes can transmit deadly heartworm disease to dogs, but fewer people know that the disease can affect cats as well. According to Dr. Allan Paul, a veterinary parasitologist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana,...

Parasite Prevention: Preventing Canine Heartworm Disease

May 29, 2014 / Parasites / Preventive Health / Dogs

Dr. Paul recommends a monthly preventative that is available at your local veterinary clinic. Mosquito season is here. The bites of mosquitoes not only cause an itchy nuisance for people and pets, but they carry the potential to transmit serious diseases. Dr. Allan Paul, a veterinary parasitologist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary...

[horse in a field]

Protect Pastured Animals from Photosensitization

May 5, 2014 / Preventive Health / Farm Animals / Horses

Owners of large animals that are on pasture may need to protect them from getting too much ultraviolet light. Springtime brings a welcomed increase in sunshine, but with that comes the potential for a hazardous mix of certain plant compounds and ultraviolet light that sickens horses and cattle. Photosensitization is an increase in sensitivity of...

Advances in Technology Impact Veterinary Medicine

Apr 14, 2014 / Advances in Medicine

3D printing is used so surgeons can practice a surgery before performing it on a live patient. Have you ever heard of 3D printing? This is a process in which a three-dimensional solid object is made from a digital model under the control of a computer. This technology is used in many industries, including architecture,...

Mischievous Ferrets Make Good Pets

Apr 7, 2014 / Exotics / Small Mammals

Ferrets are compact, playful, and curious animals. Playful, compact ferrets have pet qualities similar to a cat or dog, and they make good pets for apartment dwellers or others with restricted living space. A distant cousin to weasels and skunks, ferrets were domesticated more than 2,000 years ago, according to Dr. Mark Mitchell, an exotic animal...

Bird Basics: Proper Parakeet Husbandry

Mar 24, 2014 / General Care / Birds / Exotics

Parakeets make very good pets, and they are suitable for someone who hasn’t had a pet before. Ever think about getting a bird, but aren’t quite sure what caring for one entails? “Parakeets make very good pets, and they are suitable for someone who hasn’t had a pet before,” says Dr. Kenneth Welle, a veterinarian...

Heavy Horses Need Help

Mar 17, 2014 / General Care / Horses

Obesity in horses in a common problem, and owners should know how to evaluate and manage their horse’s weight. Is your horse too fat? Just as snug-fitting clothing or becoming winded after going up a flight of stairs might be an indication to people that they’ve gained some extra weight, so a horse owner might...

Cat's Kidney Stones a Big Problem with a Tiny Solution

Mar 3, 2014 / Small Animal Surgery / Cats

“Ureterotomy” required in cases of blocked ureters. At more than 14 years old, Sue was already a very lucky cat. She had beaten a number of serious health problems even before her owners brought her to the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana in the fall of 2013 for treatment of a cancerous growth on...

Equine Dental Care Important for Overall Wellness

Feb 11, 2014 / General Care / Horses

Horses’ teeth grow continuously throughout their life. Dental care is just as important for animals as it is for people. Since people typically visit the dentist twice a year, shouldn’t a horse’s teeth be examined by a veterinarian just as often? According to Dr. Scott Austin, an equine veterinarian at the University of Illinois Veterinary...